Terms and Conditions

Do not change the coding in the link – this means no erasing any part of it, including the link back to magickalgraphics.com. You come here to get the graphic, why not allow me the use of a small amount of advertising?
Do not remove any copyright information on the graphics. None of the graphics on this site are owned by magickalgraphics.com (except where stated), and we do not claim to own the images displayed (with the exception of our banners or art that we create personally). They belong to the respective artists. Even if you cannot see an artist signature, this does not mean you can claim it as your own.

We often pay for graphics, and our license mark will be clearly visible on the artwork we tag. It is a violation of the TOU of Magickal Graphics, The Artists’ TOU, and the TOU of the company that we buy the license from, if you:

1. Remove the artist name or license number on the graphics

2. Claim the graphic as your own

3. Distort or alter the graphic which may not be in accordance with the TOU of the Artist.

4. Provide the graphic to other graphic sites for use. Many Artists require written permission to use their art and this does not extend to multiple graphic sites.

5. Store the graphics on sites like Photobucket, Imageshack, etc. Many artists forbid the use of their graphics on sites as mentioned above or any other file storage site.
We cannot give anyone the right to use any graphics listed on this site. If you would like to use a graphic, you will need to contact the artist. We have made every endeavor to identify all artists on these pages, but often, it’s not possible. Because a graphic does not have an artist signature, does not mean you can take the art and use it for profit. We are still in the process of identifying some artists, so if you don’t see an artist listed here then please contact us and we will do our best.
Please note that these Terms and Conditions are applicable to all who come to this site, whether or not they have read the Terms and Conditions, and whether or not they have fully understood them. You can always send us an email using the Contact Form and we will provide further explanations.