1. How Do I use the graphics on a Social Networking Site? Go here

2. I tried to copy the link in the textbox and all the text disappeared.
Sometimes this happens, by the user inadvertently pressing the delete button, hence all text disappearing totally. To rectify this, simply either refresh, or scroll down to the category, click it once again and the text should re-appear.

3. I cannot see the graphics on your site, what do I do?
You need to refresh the page. Often this happens with a high volume of traffic. During high traffic times such as Halloween, Christmas, etc, you may not see the graphics turn up due to my host restricting traffic. You need only wait 5 minutes or so and refresh and the graphics should turn up.

4. The text in the box beneath the graphics are not turning up, what should I do?
Please see question 3. This seems to be a browser problem. You may need only refresh to rectify this problem.

5. Can I use these pictures on my desktop?
You most certainly can. Please remember that all graphics are copyrighted to their respectful owners, and that they have all been re-sized, so re-sizing them might be a problem to fit your desktop, but you can certainly try.

6. I installed your Conduit Toolbar and want to get rid of it now. Can you help?
Please see this link here in order to remove the toolbar. If you still have problems, please contact me using the contact form.

7. When I copy and paste the text from the box below the graphics, the code seems incomplete as the picture does not turn out.
Sometimes this can be just a technical glitch, and sometimes it’s just simply human error. Although we like to pride ourselves on our work, and that every link will work, it just sometimes isn’t the case. You can help by letting us know, though and we would greatly appreciate that! You can contact us here.

8. Sometimes when I’m browsing through your site, the categories completely disappear, or worse still, all I can see is the top banner and top table and that’s it. Nothing else. What’s up with that?
You probably caught us in the middle of an update, sorry! All you need to do is refresh and it will be fixed.

9. I love some of your graphics, but would like to take them to my own graphic site likes yours, or provide them to another graphic site for others to use. Is this allowed?
No, I cannot give permission for this to occur. I have seen my tagged graphics on other sites like this and it is a direct violation of our Terms Of Use and a direct violation of the Terms of Use of the Artist. When I buy a license to use a graphic from a Tube provider, I am purchasing the right to use that image on my site and provide it for the personal use for people on social networking sites, for example. Providing them to another site for their use is illegal. The other sites, unless they have purchased a license to use the graphic, are ripping the artist off. Likewise, many Artist’s kindly give permission to use their art but this is for Magickal Graphics only. You will have to write to them and obtain permission for them yourself. Ripping the graphic from this site and providing it to another site without the written permission from the Artist is disrespecting the Artist.
Please note, that I have seen my tags and other graphics being used on other sites, and I have reported them to the appropriate person.

10. Often a graphic turns up with an ‘x’ in it or it doesn’t turn up at all, what’s this about? ?

Sometimes due to a high volume of traffic, some images disappear completely. Sometimes it’s human error. Refresh the page, if the image still does not appear after a few minutes, please email us, thanks.

Please Contact Us with any broken links. Thanks!