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Top 10 Best HVAC Tools Review with Buying Guides [Multipurpose HVAC Tools]

It is always beneficial to acquire the best HVAC tools. Today HVAC systems are top-rated and used in many types and styles of homes.

However, the highest quality HVAC systems also need a maintenance procedure.

For this, there are the necessary tools to do an excellent job. However, novice users may feel a bit overwhelmed if this is their first choice.

To make a choice more accessible, we have considered high-quality professional HVAC tools that are available today.

Best Tools for HVAC Technician

Photo Title Buy
UEi Test Instruments...image UEi Test Instruments PDT650 Folding Pocket Digital Thermometer,Yellow Buy On Amazon
Klein Tools 32613...image Klein Tools 32613 Multi-Bit Screwdriver, Precision HVAC 3-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver with Phillips, Slotted and Schrader Bits, Yellow/Black Buy On Amazon
BTMETER BT-100 Handheld...image BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer, Digital Wind Speed CFM Meter Gauge Air Flow Velocity Tester for HVAC Shooting Drone, Wind Chill, 14℉-113℉ Wind Temperature Buy On Amazon
Hilmor 1839032 CBK...image Hilmor 1839032 CBK Compact Bender Kit, 1/4" To 7/8" - HVAC Tools and Equipment for Tube and Pipe Bending, Black Buy On Amazon
Yellow Jacket 42006...image Yellow Jacket 42006 Series 41 Manifold with 3-1/8" Gauge, psi, R-22/134A/404A Buy On Amazon
Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable...image Fieldpiece HS36 Expandable Autoranging True RMS Stick Multimeter w/Backlight Buy On Amazon
Hvac Service Wrench,...image Hvac Service Wrench, WADEO Refrigeration Service Wrench Set, 3/8” to 1/4”, 5/16'' x 1/4'' Ratcheting Service Wrench with Hex Bit Adapter for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Equipment, Equipment Repair Buy On Amazon
Elitech ILD-200 Infrared...image Elitech ILD-200 Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector HVAC Halogen Gas AC Sniffer Buy On Amazon
CPS BLACKMAX BFT850...image CPS BLACKMAX BFT850 Ultra-Lightweight R-410A Clutch-Type Ecentric Flaring Tool Buy On Amazon
Elitech SVP-12 Intelligent...image Elitech SVP-12 Intelligent HVAC Vacuum Pump Automotive 12 CFM 2 Stage Touch Screen App Buy On Amazon

We have analyzed tools of different designs and styles. We also performed the main aspects that are in common with all of the following means.

Top 10 Best HVAC Tools

As if that wasn’t enough, we answer some of the common questions about the best HVAC systems so that it is complete information to start working.

01. UEi Test Instruments PDT650

Highlighted Features & Details

One option that is included in the cheap HVAC tools is this digital pocket thermometer.

In this case, it is a straightforward tool to use and provides comfortable and efficient use. Many technicians require this folding thermometer to complement a wide variety of activities.


Many people claim that this is an essential piece to compliment a technician’s HVAC tools and equipment.

To that end, we must consider that this thermometer provides accurate measurements in just a few seconds. Each person will be able to obtain measurements between -50 degrees and 300 degrees Celsius.

We can also consider measurements in the range of -58° F to 572° F. So this is a broadly functional thermometer that can be adapted to a wide variety of temperature components.

A button to record the minimum and maximum has also been incorporated in this tool.

Durability and lifespan

Here is a tool that has been manufactured to provide an extended lifespan.

This means that high-standard materials are used for every single part of this thermometer. Anyone will also be able to avoid dropping and messed-up operations thanks to the built-in magnetic stand.

Beneficial additional features are also incorporated, such as the Foldable Temperature Probe and Auto Power Off.

Each of these features provides a much more convenient operation while the automatic shut-off takes care of battery lifespan. 

Additional Features

A straightforward design of only three buttons has been incorporated into this tool.

Anyone can easily choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements. In addition to the ease of use, the large display should also be taken into consideration.

This display is straightforward to read and could make working in dark or dimly lit spaces. 


  • Excellent large display
  • Good durability and lifespan
  • Automatic shut-off and magnetic stand


  • Measures up to 300 degrees C 

02. Klein Tools 32613

Highlighted Features & Details

Another one of the best tools for HVAC technicians can be this multi-tip screwdriver. In this case, a screwdriver can offer three bits in one tool for great versatility in different tasks.

At the same time, it is an option with all the confidence and positive aspects of Klein Tools. 

Simple functionality

To be able to perform different tasks, this multi-tip screwdriver provides versatile functionality.

Any user will be able to count on a Schrader, 1/8-inch slotted, and Phillips n. zero bit. These choices are listed since they are the preferred options for the various tasks performed by a technician.

The swivel cap can also be considered to incorporate exceptional adjustability and control. This is an aspect that could make any task easier when using the different tips of the screwdriver.

Even this swivel cap is one of the most used aspects by both novice users and expert technicians.

Durability and materials

Optimum quality rubber and steel have been used for the complete manufacturing of this tool.

It is even one of the most critical aspects as the user will obtain a natural strength and durability instrument. With proper use, this tool can offer lifetime durability or at least a few decades.

A chrome-plated cylinder, extremely corrosion-resistant, has also been incorporated. No doubt this can be very useful considering that a skilled technician works in a wide variety of locations.

So also, the interchangeable barrel is widely versatile and offers a long side and a short side.

Ease of use

Of course, ease of use is one of the other advantages that you can get with this tool. The grip handle provides excellent comfort thanks to its padding.

This is one of the outstanding features, although the whole mechanism is straightforward to use. Any user only needs a few seconds to be able to interchange the different tips.


  • Three tips included
  • High-strength materials
  • Comfortable grip handle


  • Convenience beneficial for small equipment 

03. BTMETER BT-100

Highlighted Features & Details

To complement the set of best HVAC hand tools, this handheld anemometer may be needed.

It is a digital wind speed meter in CFM quantity. In this way, a technician will be able to get an excellent airflow velocity measurement.

Therefore it is a necessary tool for ventilation systems, among other applications.

High-quality functions

In this case, it is a widely versatile tool that can offer measurements with a high level of accuracy.

It can measure wind between a wind speed range of 0.67 and 67.1 mph. You also get functionality between -10 and 45 degrees Celsius or 14 degrees and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two temperature sensors have been incorporated into this tool and are complemented by eight paddles.

So this is a handy tool that can measure even the lowest levels of airflow. So this tool completes a good group of HVAC service tools.


Excellent lifespan has been incorporated here, along with highly accurate technology.

The automatic shut-off feature allows taking care of the lifespan of the two AAA batteries that are required to start working. Also incorporated is a display that offers large size and optimal illumination for easy reading in all types of dark spaces.

The bright backlit LCD is also complemented by a thermal sensor, a low battery indicator, and valuable features. Additionally, this instrument incorporates a threaded hole at the bottom.

This makes it possible to complement this tool with a tripod or get hands-free.

Accessory included

In addition to this tool, the user will count on a specific case that provides excellent transport.

In any case, this is a very compact and portable tool to be used whenever necessary. Even this tool can be used outdoors for natural winds, long-distance shooting, and weatherization systems.


  • Excellent speed range
  • Multiple speed units
  • Carrying case included


  • Limited wind temperature 

04. Hilmor 1839032 CBK

Highlighted Features & Details

Here is another one of the best places to buy HVAC tools.

Many people have decided to rely on these tools because of their quality and their features. It is even a compact bender kit that is among the cheap HVAC tools.

As such, many people will want to check out the following features. 

High-quality functionality

Every person who purchases this parts kit will buy the following pipe sizes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 in inches.

This is even an option that is very convenient thanks to the release lever that requires only one hand to operate. You can get the desired angle that goes up to 90° to make every task more manageable.

Even the functionality and interchangeability of parts of this tool prevent any damage to the metal. So that all this makes for a genuinely dedicated group of features to apply on different occasions.

A locking slider is also incorporated for easy transport and storage.


In this case, durability is another notable aspect that provides fast and efficient functionality.

High-strength materials have been incorporated here to be able to work with all types of pipes or metals. For that, a patented design has resorted to providing results not offered by today’s options. 

This can be done as long as it is a soft metal used for plumbing or many other utilities. Some of the options that can be easily worked with are brass, aluminum, steel, and copper. 

Ease of use

As we have mentioned, this is a straightforward tool to use.

So this can be perfect for expert technicians or novice users. Every user will be able to count on the crossbar and chucks for ¼ to ⅞.

It is also possible to rely on the bender body and carrying case that organizes these parts. 


  • Very easy to use tool
  • Compact and highly versatile design
  • Efficient with soft metals


  • Can bend metals up to 90 degrees 

05. Yellow Jacket 42006

Highlighted Features & Details

Here is a set of parts that complement the best tools for HVAC technicians.

It is another one of the highly convenient options due to the cost-benefit ratio. Many people claim that it is part of the cheap HVAC tools.

For this, we should mention the different features incorporated here.


A novice user and an expert technician can get this 41 series connector with a pressure gauge.

Here a set of hoses have been incorporated, which have been color-coded. So that a user will be able to perform a much more convenient and straightforward use considering the colors included in this set of parts.

It should also be mentioned that the high-quality barometer offers an excellent range of functionality.

A full port has been incorporated here that allows for optimized flow and capacity. Either way, users will enjoy an accuracy level of 1% for precise and accurate precision.

Even this is especially useful in critical loading systems.

Durability and lifespan

Both durability and lifespan are two of the critical aspects and thanks to the materials used for manufacturing.

This means extensive durability, thanks to the brass body that has been forged. Also to be considered are the highly resistant steel cases that have been combined with polycarbonate crystals.

So this is a set of gauges that are very easy to read and withstand an extraordinary number of situations. Long-lasting nylon seats have also been incorporated.

Wear has also been reduced thanks to the double O-ring sliding pistons.

Ease of use

Many people say that the use of these pressure gauges is straightforward for any technician.

It is even one of the fundamental tools among the HVAC service tools. In such a way, users who work with the best digital HVAC systems will need these parts to measure different types of pressure.


  • Color-coded hoses
  • High-strength brass and steel
  • High accuracy of 1%


  • Requires experience to use

06. Fieldpiece HS36

Highlighted Features & Details

In this case, it is an RMS rod voltmeter that complements the HVAC service tools.

In such a way, it is a tool that incorporates automatic range and other excellent options that its retentions for any technician. Here the user can have a tool that enhances their HVAC tools and equipment.

Main functions

Anyone will count on the high precision automatic ranging function, which makes the work more accessible in an excellent way.

Especially this multimeter can offer a wide variety of measurements. So it is a highly versatile tool that adapts to a wide variety of refrigeration systems with the best results.

It is also possible to consider the micro function to allow taking diode current measurements.

Without a doubt, this is relevant when dealing with the heating control of an air-conditioning system. The user will also be able to have the possibility to measure capacitance for starting and running capacitors.


Of course, durability is another outstanding feature that makes this rod multimeter stand out.

In this case, it is a tool that incorporates a large display with excellent backlighting. It also includes a buzzer that indicates when a circuit is closed or open.

Additionally, the non-contact voltage indicator should be noted. This feature provides 24 VAC detection on thermostats.

So it is a complete and adaptable tool for a wide variety of situations.

Built-in accessories

Among the built-in accessories, the user can count on the cables and tips of its alligator clips.

A carrying case is also included, and a hook for the most comfortable use of this tool. All this means that you will use this highly versatile and efficient tool with one hand. 


  • Excellent display illumination
  • Highly versatile tool
  • Carrying case included


  • Intermediate level functionality 

07. HVAC Service Wrench

Highlighted Features & Details

Another of the fundamental pieces among the best tools for HVAC technicians are these simple complements.

In this case, it is an air conditioning service wrench that works with a set of refrigeration service wrenches. Everything you need to get started on a wide variety of air conditioners has been incorporated here. 


Every user with these tools can count on four different sizes for a wide range of applications.

A good level of versatility has been built in with ¼, ⅜, 3/16, and 5/16 sizes. This is a set of measures that tend to be the most commonly used to fix all air conditioners or refrigeration equipment.

As well, it is crucial to note that the author of the hex tip offers 2 inches in length. This provides a size of 5/16 and 3/16. In such a way that this is a simple and very easy-to-use toolset for any user.

Complementing a set of professional tools will be very simple.

Excellent durability 

These parts are among the main and best HVAC hand tools.

This is because synthetic steel and carbon steel are used for manufacturing these parts. The whole procedure of incorporation in the manufacturing of these parts provides excellent corrosion resistance. 

This is also a set of highly resistant and durable parts, which means a longer lifespan. Even a black heat-treated coating has been incorporated for the hex tip adapter.

Ease of use

No doubt, it is a very simple and comfortable tool to use at all times.

Maximum leverage is obtained with the non-slip flat coolant wrench. So this is a handy air conditioning service wrench. This can be used by expert technicians as well as novice users.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Simple tool design


  • Only four sizes included 

08. Elitech ILD-200

Highlighted Features & Details

Many people may notice that this is the best place to buy HVAC tools after analyzing this tool.

In this case, a refrigerant leak detector can be ideal for detecting all kinds of inconveniences. This tool is widely versatile and provides excellent features that we can mention below.


Among the main features are three levels of sensitivity that can be adapted to each specific situation.

This means that you get a high, medium, and low level along with a maximum sensitivity of 0.14 oz/year. It is even a tool that improves the lifespan of a refrigerant system sensor.

In this case, it is a tool that can operate with high accuracy in any halogenated refrigerant. In turn, the accuracy is superior to moderate heat diode sensors or traditional corona sensors. 


Additionally, the TFT type display must be taken into consideration.

In this case, it is a display that provides straightforward viewing for novice or professional users. Any user will have every feature they need, such as battery levels or sensor fault indicators.

In this case, it is an electronic tool built with excellent quality materials. A simple PEAK button press is all that is required.

In particular, this button allows obtaining the maximum leakage value in the measurements.

Additional features

Additional features include each of the built-in accessories.

In addition to the primary tool, the user can count on a set of filters, the USB cable, an adapter, and a UV flashlight. All this allows for excellent functionality with all the necessary accessories to get started quickly.

Even this tool is efficient for beginners or professionals of different levels.


  • Excellent amount of accessories
  • Carrying case included
  • High-quality TFT screen


  • Intermediate lifespan


Highlighted Features & Details

Many people may notice that this is the best place to buy HVAC tools.

In this particular instance, it is an ideal solution as a clutch-type eccentric flaring tool. After all, it is another essential tool to complete a group of HVAC tools and equipment.

Functionality and performance

In this case, it is primarily a tool made for technicians of all types.

Many professional technicians working with HVAC equipment need this tool. It should be taken into consideration that it is a tool that facilitates leak detection or intelligent diagnosis of many HVAC systems.

Furthermore, it is important to note that flaring can be felt with the internal clutch. You can also check an eccentric cone that provides 45-inch flared ends.

All this allows for excellent work to be done.

Strength and Lifespan

Every tool and accessory incorporated has been fabricated with top materials.

Even aluminum has been used for the body structure of this tool. In this way, the overall weight has been reduced without actually reducing the strength.

Either way, this is a genuinely reliable and safe set of tools to use.

In addition to the above, it is possible to match this tool with other accessories, such as the large pipe cutter. Here is a manufacturer that is widely trusted, as determined by many users. 

Additional features

Critical additional features include seven positions for a quick change.

This, in turn, makes it possible to work effectively with different types of soft copper and aluminum pipes. Thus, this is a tool that has been intended for many professionals to work with as well as many beginners do.


  • Carrying case included
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Very easy and straightforward to use


  • Requires knowledge to use 

10. Elitech SVP-12

Highlighted Features & Details

Finally, we can mention another of the options to complete a group of HVAC tools and equipment.

In this case, it is a high-end option, although it is a vacuum pump. Many persons consider it to be a great manual tool for air-conditioning.

Even this option will be handy in different applications.

Excellent results

One of the attention-grabbing features of this tool is the intelligent control and prevention that it can offer.

It is even possible to control the solenoid valve and motor automatically. Each user will also be able to know the performance of a specific device. For this purpose, a set of vacuum data is obtained.

Thus, the customer can estimate the refrigerant recharge volume. In this case, it is a tool that is efficiently complemented by an application used from a smartphone.

In this way, the entire suction procedure can be adequately checked, avoiding all kinds of errors.

Reliability and durability

Here it is a truly reliable tool due to its convenient features. It is possible to check the completion time of each job and predict the status of a leak.

At the same time, the user can see the vacuum process in real-time, among other good features.

Beyond that, this tool provides engine oil tank temperature monitoring as well as constant vacuum control. For all this, high-strength and high-quality materials have been used to provide a long lifespan.

Thus, you can enjoy a 12 CFM vacuum pump with a long lifespan.

User-friendly tool

A 4-inch touch screen has been incorporated into this tool for easy functionality.

Each user will also be able to have two vacuum oil bottles of 450 and 300 ML capacity. In this case, it is a tool that can record data for a more proper and complete analysis of any refrigeration system.


  • Highly versatile and flexible tool
  • Intelligent features and controls
  • Easy to use touch screen


  • Smartphone required for the application 

Buying Considerations for the Best HVAC Hand Tools

As we have seen, it is a set of tools of different designs.

All these tools can be helpful in other steps in the maintenance or repair of refrigeration systems. So that to make the best decision requires the analysis of the following aspects as the main ones.

Moreover, all this will allow finding the best HVAC tools.

Number of functions

Having many functions in the same tool always proves to be much more versatile and convenient.

Each device that we have considered has a different design and adapts to certain specifications. Some tools can be much more versatile than others to work with HVAC equipment.

A truly multi-purpose tool that is available is undoubtedly the multimeter.

In this case, it is a tool that can offer a wide variety of functions and units of measurement. Other options such as the typical wrench or a screwdriver that incorporates several tips can also be found. 

Giving priority to tools that are much more versatile can be more convenient than those specific tools in use. Of course, all necessary tools should be purchased at some point.


Here durability represents another important factor when purchasing the best HVAC tools.

In general, durability is determined by the quality of the materials used for each device used. Having a broadly versatile set of tools is only part of a good decision.

Furthermore, it is necessary that the equipment is capable of providing a long lifespan. This can undoubtedly avoid acquiring new equal parts in replacement of inadequate quality tools we have received.

Even many skilled professionals usually really need truly reliable tools.

Ease of use

Each of the tools on the market that are useful for HVAC systems should be easy to use.

Some devices can be a little more complex than others, such as multimeters. In the case of these electronic tools, ease of use is one factor that users want to consider.

There are many other tools for HVAC systems that in themselves are easy to use. These include digital thermometers, wrenches, or screwdrivers with interchangeable tips.

It may be more than enough to have a set of electronic tools that suit each user’s needs. 


A tool with too low a cost could be a wrong decision.

Of course, very low-cost devices need to decrease in quality to balance the price. This can be somewhat detrimental to skilled technicians who need reliable tools with a long lifespan.

Neither is it useful to acquire the most expensive tools available on the market.

In many instances, high cost is not synonymous with the highest quality. To avoid making a wrong decision, we have considered only the tools that are reliable for many users. 

Included accessories

Among the features that are common to the different tools mentioned are the accessories included.

On many occasions, the same device requires other parts to be used. This can happen with the multimeter or the thermometer.

These tools need other parts, such as cables and probes—having a tool kit that includes everything you need to get started is always very useful. This can even be a great way to save money and time.

FAQ’s for the Best HVAC Tools

What kind of tools do HVAC technicians use?

There is a wide variety of tools needed by technicians working with heating and air conditioning systems. To name the main tools means to include the following options:

  • Tin Snips and Shears
  • Cordless Drill
  • Pipe Wrenches and Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Mobile HVAC Software
  • Refrigerant Scale

What tools should an HVAC apprentice have?

Apprentices need a core set of tools to begin working with HVAC systems. Among the primary devices are a multimeter and a thermometer.

These are two tools that are often required by many technicians working with electrical systems.

Different tools such as screwdrivers, pipe wrenches, tin snips, vacuum pumps, and many others are also required. These tools are usually tailored to different needs that each user has.

How much do HVAC tools cost?

Sometimes it is not easy to talk about tool costs, as the tools used are often very different. Some devices may require $200 or less when they have an electronic system.

This may be the case with a thermometer or digital multimeter.

Hand tools may require $50 or less as they do not require technology. This may be the case for a screwdriver or wrench.

Do HVAC companies supply tools?

Some companies can provide advanced tools when it comes to HVAC systems or air conditioners.

This may be the case for devices that are specifically required to be able to implement maintenance to the HVAC equipment that has been purchased.

Anyway, these tools are usually intermediate-level and do not offer the highest quality. This means that it is more appropriate to have professional-level tools to implement efficient maintenance.

What is HVAC equipment?

In this case, it is the equipment used with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is a system that aims to adjust the temperature of a home according to the comfort of its members.

This system is usually incorporated in various options such as thermostats, ducts, heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, etc.

The equipment of these systems refers to each of the tools necessary for the maintenance to be applied. 

Which tool do you think would be most beneficial for an HVAC job and why?

It is difficult to mention a single tool that is the most useful for technicians working with HVAC systems.

Some devices are very different from each other, as they are efficient for a great range of applications. Among all of them, the voltmeter is one of the most recommended options for checking the HVAC electrical system. 

How are AC and HVAC different?

In principle, it is possible to have a complete air conditioning system.

These acronyms are used to refer to the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating system. In contrast, the acronym AC relates to air conditioning equipment. So the functions of the latter option are more limited. 

Does HVAC include air conditioning?

Among the built-in functions, complete HVAC systems include air conditioning. At the same time, they are also systems that allow the regulation of ventilation and heating of specific spaces. 

What does a new HVAC system include?

Sometimes a new HVAC system usually includes everything needed to service the air conditioning unit fully.

Some additional components may consist of an indoor air controller, condensing unit, and new refrigerant supply lines, among other features.

What is the minor HVAC system?

Among the smallest and most popular options out there, the Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 system is one of the smallest.

However, this does not mean that it is the most efficient option available today.

Many other more extensive options can be adapted to a given structure. Trim options in air conditioning systems are often helpful for tiny homes or apartments.

Final Words

Anyone will have the ability to start working with HVAC systems.

Here we can facilitate the procedure by mentioning the best HVAC tools. Of course, this is a set of highly versatile and efficient tools. Undoubtedly, this could ease the learning procedure for any beginner.

It is also essential to consider that these tools can be helpful for all those who do not work with HVAC systems. Many people decide to apply proper maintenance to their HVAC systems.

So that anyone can do an excellent job if you have the right tools for it.

This will allow a highly efficient air conditioning system for the great comfort of the home. So it is always essential to have the necessary tools to enable a home to be a charming place. 

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