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Top 10 Best HVAC Multimeter Review & Buying Guide

Many people are in search of the best HVAC multimeter. This tool is one of the main tools for checking the functionality of an HVAC system.

In particular, it is a tool that can be adapted to different electrical systems, providing all kinds of measurements.


All this makes the final choice of the best multimeter for HVAC a bit complicated.

Anyone who is not an expert electrician may feel a bit confused when choosing one of these tools. To prevent anyone from making the wrong decision here, we mention only excellent multimeters.

Best Multimeter for HVAC Work

Photo Title Buy
Fluke 116/323 HVAC...image Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit Buy On Amazon
Klein Tools MM600...image Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter, Digital Auto-Ranging Multimeter for AC/DC Voltage, and Current, Temperature, Frequency, Continuity, More , Orange Buy On Amazon
Digital Clamp Meter...image Digital Clamp Meter Multimeters MESTEK AC Current AC DC Voltage Voltmeter Autoranging Electrical Amp Ohm Hz Volt Diode Resistance 6000 Counts NCV VFC Automotive HVAC Clamping Battery Tester Probe Case Buy On Amazon
Extech EX330 Autoranging...image Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature, orange and green Buy On Amazon
Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable...image Fieldpiece HS33 Expandable Manual Ranging Stick Multimeter for HVAC/R Buy On Amazon
UEi DL379B Digital...image UEi DL379B Digital Clamp Meter Auto Ranging, HVAC Current Voltage Tester w/ Magnetic Mount, Measures AC Amps AC/DC Volts Temperature Capacitance Frequency Diodes Duty Cycle Continuity Resistance NCV Buy On Amazon
Fluke 116 HVAC...image Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter, Standard Buy On Amazon
Amprobe - 4018649...image Amprobe - 4018649 AM-520 HVAC Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection and Temperature Buy On Amazon
Fluke 3000 FC...image Fluke 3000 FC HVAC Wireless HVAC System Buy On Amazon
Klein Tools MM1300...image Klein Tools MM1300 Electrician's/HVAC Multimeter Buy On Amazon

The 10 Best HVAC Multimeter Review 2021

This is how people will be able to have much more complete HVAC testing equipment.

We also discuss the critical aspects of each multimeter and answer a lot of common questions. So to make a great decision, you should read on.

01. Fluke 116/323 HVAC

Highlighted Features & Details

To find the best multimeter for HVAC, you can analyze this set of implements. Here a complete kit has been incorporated, which can be highly functional for experts and beginners.

In this way, anyone will start working directly without the need for any other tools.

Optimal versatility

One of the highlights is that it is a complete HVAC testing equipment. So this means that the built-in multimeter can be used to obtain a lot of different measurements.

People will be able to get measurements of capacitance, frequencies, continuity, and resistance, among other functions.

This makes it possible to adapt the functionality of this multimeter to every need. The multimeter incorporates a thermometer so that it can be used in any type of HVAC.

It is also a tool with micro a to be able to test flame sensors. In this way, the full functionality of any HVAC unit can be covered.

Long durability and lifespan

Each of the attachments incorporated here has been manufactured with high-quality materials. The built-in devices comply with CAT IV 300 V and CAT III 600 V safety standards.

In this way, each user will have a safe and adequate operation in every task to be performed. The long lifespan of these components provides safe and reliable use.

An excellent number of accessories

In this case, it is a handy set of parts that includes everything you need to start working. This multimeter has been complemented with an ammeter clamp with excellent functionality.

A carrying case with a shoulder strap and a deluxe soft carry has also been included, along with a set of additional parts.

All this can provide greater ease in every job. Both the multimeter and the clamp ammeter display with an excellent LED backlight to work in all kinds of dark places.


  • Complete kit of parts
  • Comprimento with quality standards
  • LED-backlit display


  • A most helpful option for experts 

02. Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

In this case, it is another of the options included among the best HVAC meters. Every user will be able to count on all the necessary parts to start performing different measurements.

This multimeter comes from a manufacturer that is usually highly recommended among expert electricians. So this means that this is an option to consider.

Excellent Measurements 

Every person using this multimeter will have the ability to measure 40 M of resistance, ten amps AC/DC, or 1000 volts AC/DC voltage.

It also incorporates other widely used units such as continuity, test diodes, duty cycle, frequency, capacitance, and temperature. All this makes for a truly versatile and flexible tool.

Other useful features such as easy battery access and a battery indicator on display are also incorporated.

Even the fuse replacement compartment allows this functionality to be supplemented at all times. Any expert will be able to work much more comfortably and efficiently on all kinds of tasks.


Of course, durability is one of the most challenging aspects that this multimeter has incorporated. So it has built-in durability to withstand a drop of 2 meters or 6.6 feet.

Even this tool is of high quality and withstands the daily use of an expert or any other beginner. 

If that were not enough, this digital multimeter also meets CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety ratings. So these aspects are more than enough to work comfortably. 

Built-in accessories

This case has also incorporated a set of accessories such as cables, rare earth magnetic suspension, fuse, and spare thermocouple.

Even the user will also have a carrying case so that none of these tools will get lost. All this will allow a user to implement this tool in all kinds of spaces.


  • Carrying case included
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Excellent amount of measurements


  • Standard level functionality 

03. Multimeter MESTEK

Highlighted Features & Details

Another unit considered as part of the best HVAC meters is this digital multimeter. Every person will count on excellent measurements with a high level of accuracy and in just a few seconds.

Even the functionality of this multimeter can be adapted to household inconveniences or for automobile electricity.

Versatile measurements

First, it is essential to consider that this multimeter can measure circuit continuity with diodes, resistance, AC, AC, and DC voltage.

At the same time, the maximum that can be reached is 6000 counts. So it is a tool that can be adapted to the needs of beginners or experts.

It is also a multimeter with a straightforward design that any novice user can learn without any inconvenience.

On display, each user will see a battery indicator that lets you know the best time to change the batteries. There is also an excellent backlight on display and a Hold button to keep the last reading.

Lifespan and Construction

Only high-strength inputs have been incorporated in the manufacture. So this provides excellent protection against any kind of fall to the ground.

Even the resistance of this multimeter provides a lifespan, withstanding different wear factors. At the same time, this tool complies with CAT III 600 V and ROHS quality certification.

Built-in materials

Anyone who purchases this set of implements will be able to count on the black and red wires to perform measurements.

Two batteries have also been incorporated together with two terminals for the same red and black wires. Finally, each person will also have a screwdriver and a carrying case to transport all these accessories.


  • Carrying case included
  • Excellent amount of measurements
  • Screwdriver and batteries included


  • No CAT IV safety category

04. Extech EX330

Highlighted Features & Details

Having the best multimeter for HVAC work that requires a limited budget is possible. For many people, it is essential to have a multimeter that offers an outstanding balance between cost and benefit.

Many people are the ones who mention that this is the best multimeter for HVAC work because of its simple design and the features that have been incorporated into this tool.

Built-in measurements 

Here is a multimeter that provides all kinds of measurements widely used by novice or expert users.

In addition to the essential functions, this tool also allows you to have a built-in thermometer that provides readings in Celsius Fahrenheit. This is combined with the 12 processes, such as capacitance, duty cycle, and frequency.

There is also a built-in LED backlight display for easy reading of up to 4000 good-sized digits. Even people will be able to count on the Auto Range function as well as auto power off.

At the same time, the relative function offers more accessible functionality for comparing different types of stored measurements.

Ruggedness and durability

In particular, this is a tool that has excellent resistance. A rubber sheath optimizes the resistance of this multimeter. Even here, a CAT III 600 V safety category has also been incorporated.

All this means that this is a highly functional multimeter that is inexpensive and very convenient at the same time.

Additional features

Anyone will be able to count on a set of accessories such as two batteries and a K-type bead wire probe for general functionality.

Even the inclined stand or test leads allow working directly without any delay. Any user will count on the user manual that avoids producing any kind of errors and clears any doubts.


  • Built-in batteries for working
  • Large display with LED backlight
  • Rubber case for added protection


  • The average level of accuracy 

05. Fieldpiece HS33

Highlighted Features & Details

As we continue to look for the best meter for HVAC, this unit incorporates many functions that are needed in different situations. Specifically, it is an expandable hand-held range rod multimeter.

Each position combined with the accessories in this parts kit could represent the best multimeter for HVAC work.

Main functions

When we analyze this tool, we can detect those different measurements such as capacitance, temperature, voltage, continuity, resistance, and many others.

It is also a multimeter that includes ADC, AAC, VDC, and VAC ranges. So this multimeter will be sufficient to check the functionality of different air conditioning units.

Among the built-in functions, the user can count on non-contact voltage, capacitance, and 400 AAC. It has also incorporated the parts of continuity and high voltage indicators.

As if that were not enough, this tool provides excellent data retention as well as a dedicated Min/Max button.

Durability and Lifespan

Each accessory is manufactured with the highest quality components, as is the case with the multimeter. This is how a long lifespan is achieved in a multimeter that can withstand daily use.

Even the design of the multimeter ensures ergonomic functionality for convenient and comfortable results in every task. In other words, it is genuinely a multimeter that is built to last.

Built-in accessories

Everyone will be able to count on the multimeter plus clamp-on accessory, deluxe silicone test leads, deluxe meter box, short crocodile lead extensions, and a 9-volt battery.

Even beginners will be able to count on the operator’s manual to avoid many beginner mistakes. This way, it will be straightforward to start working smoothly.


  • Excellent amount of accessories
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • Adequate number of measurements and functions


  • LED-backlit display somewhat small 

06. UEi Test Instruments DL379B

Highlighted Features & Details

In this case, it is the best multimeter for HVAC work, according to what many electricians have considered.

In particular, this is because it only requires a small budget to perform all kinds of measurements. Many people have used this testing instrument to be able to troubleshoot HVAC problems within minutes.

An excellent number of measurements

One of the most convenient features of this tool is that it can offer an extraordinary amount of measurements.

It is an instrument that can read capacitance, ohms, temperature, microamperes, frequency, current, and voltage, among many others. All this transforms this tool into a highly versatile option for different tasks.

Each person will also be able to notice that this tool incorporates a dual display as well as a high contrast backlight. This can undoubtedly facilitate any kind of task in dark or dimly lit spaces.

If that were not enough, this is also a 24 V to 600 V AC non-contact voltage sensing tool.


Good durability has been incorporated here to provide excellent resistance to this tool in daily use. The opposition is intermediate to different drops.

In any case, the durability and lifespan of this instrument are still very long. On the other hand, efficient functions have also been incorporated, such as automatic shut-off to save battery power.

Built-in accessories

A set of useful accessories such as black and red cables are available for each person. The user’s manual, a zippered bag, and two batteries are also included.

Finally, the K-type temperature probe has been incorporated, along with an ergonomic and user-friendly design. All of this will provide a pleasant experience in a safe CAT IV 300 V and CAT III 600 V rated tool.


  • A large number of functions
  • Dual display with excellent backlighting
  • Wide variety of measurements


  • Intermediate level durability 

07. Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

Once again, this is a highly reliable and safe multimeter that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Whether it is for domestic or industrial HVAC systems, this multimeter can be adapted to every need.

So it is essential to check out the best features that people will enjoy with this tool.

High-level functions

Many people consider that the best meter for HVAC can be about a simple option like this multimeter.

In this case, it is a tool that provides the main measurements such as capacitance, continuity with more frequency, and resistance, among many others. However, other suitable functions have also been incorporated.

This multimeter can provide the automatic range function and the possibility of having a built-in thermometer. To measure the temperature, it is possible to choose Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The dedicated minimum and top buttons are also incorporated, and the Hold button holds the last reading made by the user.


One of the essential aspects that this multimeter can provide is the durability of its structure. It is one of the most outstanding options, and this is due to the high quality of the manufacturer.

Any user will be able to count on a CAT III 600 V safety-rated multimeter. Undoubtedly, this is as suitable as the compact, ergonomic design that requires only one hand.

Additional features

An LED-backlit display has been incorporated here. In this way, it is that you can work in very poorly lit places.

Aceves this multimeter has the necessary features to be able to avoid false readings and phantom voltages. It is also possible to test flame sensors with the microampere function. Simply put, it is a highly reliable multimeter.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Large backlit display
  • Wide variety of functions and measurements


  • CAT III safety rating only 

08. Amprobe – HVAC Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

Another way to find the best meter for HVAC is by checking the functionality of this HVAC multimeter.

In this case, it is a tool that also happens to be very versatile for checking every single HVAC system problem. That is why it is a multimeter that has become very popular in recent times.

Excellent variety of uses

Everyone will measure frequency, microamps, capacitance, resistance with voltage, non-contact voltage, differential temperature, and many other characteristics.

Even a multimeter can be used in professional spaces such as industries or just for home applications. Of course, this versatility is widely appreciated by many users.

The multimeter itself incorporates a large backlit display for easy viewing. Also included are the relative zero mode function, the classic minimum, the top button, and the data hold button are also included.

At the same time, all kinds of problems can be solved by measuring the duty cycle and diode test. It should also be considered that this multimeter has the appropriate safety certification.

Structure and Durability

Taking into consideration the durability of this tool, we can consider that the lifespan is adequate. It is a tool with a highly durable structure that can withstand some drops.

Even the durability of its design provides excellent resistance to certain damaging factors such as moisture. 

Additional features

Among the additional features, it should be noted that the multimeter also incorporates a fast and straightforward design for novice users.

However, it is also a tool that includes a carrying case, a battery, a K-type thermocouple, and a set of test leads. All of this allows a user to get started right away, no need to waste time.


  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Excellent backlit LCD
  • Convenient and simple design


  • Mid-level functionality 

09. Fluke 3000 FC

Highlighted Features & Details

A complete system to work with air conditioning units is always an excellent option. In this case, it is a set of implements widely used to check the status of any air conditioning unit. In this way, anyone can have all the tools they need from the beginning.

High-quality functions

Anyone can count here on a complete solution to any inconvenience of the air conditioning units. Proper measurements such as frequency, capacitance, diodes, resistance, and continuity are available.

In turn, the sizes of CC or AC voltage reach up to 1000 V. The perfect display size has also been incorporated for each of the electronic implements in this toolset.

Each display has a good level of backlighting for working in dark spaces. In addition to the high-quality multimeter, you also get a clamp meter module and a thermocouple thermometer.

Lifespan and Durability

Of course, the lifespan of each of these parts is excellent enough to withstand all kinds of daily use and operation.

However, it should also be noted that these tools have the necessary safety categories to work safely. All this will be enough to be able to perform household tasks or expert-level repairs.

Expressly, the CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V safety categories have been incorporated here. Undoubtedly, this is what allows you to work comfortably and without problems.

Built-in accessories

As we have mentioned here, a lot of accessories have been included. In addition to the parts above, alligator clips, test leads, K-type bead thermocouple, and a magnetic hanging strap are also included.

Anyone will also rely on a carrying case to carry all the tools efficiently organized to any workplace.


  • An excellent quantity of parts
  • Top-quality tools
  • Efficient for beginners and experts


  • Intermediate drop resistance 

10. Klein Tools MM1300

Highlighted Features & Details

Finally and very importantly, here we should mention a very popular multimeter that electricians often prefer. This is a multimeter that does not require a big budget to provide good results.

Moreover, everything necessary is included here, such as essential functions and other good features that we can mention.

The excellent number of functions

Among the essential functions offered by this multimeter are diode and continuity testing. It is also possible to obtain temperature, duty cycle, frequency, capacitance, and resistance measurements.

Of course, it is also possible to measure AC/DC and AC/DC voltage. So it is a very complete and efficient multimeter in various situations.

Another highlight of this multimeter is its auto-range function for each of the measurements mentioned above. An auto-hold button has been incorporated to keep the data of the last measure that has been performed.

This is so that anyone can quickly start working on the measurement of different HVAC units.

Construction and lifespan

This multimeter also incorporates everything necessary, such as CAT III 1000 V and CAT IV 600 V safety categories. Optimum quality and robustness resources have been implemented during construction.

So this multimeter has the versatility to provide several years of lifespan. In addition, this tool also provides a backlit display for working in all kinds of dark spaces.

Built-in accessories

Anyone can get up and running quickly with this multimeter. There are built-in batteries, test leads, thermocouples, and a Klein carrying case.

It is also possible to have the instruction manual in case novice users need help. All this will be more than enough for measurements in industries, public places, or for household tasks.


  • High quality and safe multimeter
  • The excellent number of measurements and functions
  • Optimally durable structure


  • No one-handed operation 

Buying Consideration about Best Hvac Meters

Each person needs to consider a set of essential aspects before finding the best HVAC multimeter. Not all tools are equal, and some may be noticeably better than others.

Accuracy levels

Of course, one of the first features to consider is the accuracy level of the multimeter. Every multimeter reading must be highly accurate to get good results.

This aspect is one of the aspects that we have considered when mentioning which are the best options today. 

This is the best way to acquire a multimeter that is inaccurate. Even this happens since using the multimeter is the only way to know if it is accurate.

So by having a highly precise multimeter, any expert or novice user will have much more realistic data.

Construction and durability

In many cases, durability is one of the essential aspects to consider in a multimeter. A multimeter is not usually one of those tools that are at risk of breaking.

However, having adequate durability can allow the tool to fall to the ground and put an end to its use.

It should even be noted that some expert users often use this tool daily. Of course, constant use of this tool increases its wear and tear.

You don’t even need to be an expert in using a multimeter daily for a few days. Some home refrigeration units may require a performance check.

Even these situations can be enough to overuse a multimeter in a few days and increase its wear. Excellent durability is also needed to avoid moisture as one of the classic problems of any electrical or electronic tool. 

Among the best options are multimeters that could provide a lifespan of a few decades.

On the other hand, a low-quality multimeter will only be able to offer a few months of lifespan in the face of too intense use. It is always better to avoid buying a second multimeter by purchasing a first high-quality multimeter. 

How to use

Many tools are either easy or difficult to use, and this depends on their design. It is always much more advisable to have a tool that is easy to use.

The multimeter, in particular, is one of those tools that novice users do not usually use. So here, a good level of user-friendliness is essential.

There are also classic multimeters that incorporate a wide variety of functions and a highly complex design. Of course, this may be very suitable when it comes to a skilled electrician troubleshooting an HVAC.

However, this is very unsuitable for novice electricians or someone who wants to fix their HVAC.

So a good level of ease of use allows a multimeter to be entirely usable in a few days. In any case, most of them also usually incorporate an instruction manual to guide the first steps of any user. Having each of these aspects provides a better experience.

Number of measurements

Another classic aspect to take into consideration is the number of measurements that a multimeter can provide. A tool that can give multiple sizes is called a multimeter.

Among the most common measures are continuity, capacitance, resistance, and voltage. However, there can be many other measurements as well.

Sometimes high-quality multimeters can provide measurements of all, or at least most, electronic signals. So we can consider a high level of versatility of the multimeter when it comes to an expert electrician. 

At the same time, a high versatility might not be necessary when a beginner only needs to measure voltage and some other common measurements.

So it is recommended to purchase the multimeter that provides the heights that the user will use. After all, this can be an excellent way to save some budget on buying the best HVAC multimeter.

FAQ’s for the Best HVAC Multimeter

What is an HVAC Multimeter?

It is simply a tool that allows you to check compressors and refrigerant lines. This tool even enables different readings to be displayed on a digital display in most cases.

Each user can check the ohms, volts, or amps of a large number of refrigerant systems. Each multimeter has different features that may or may not make the job easier.

What type of multimeter do I need for HVAC?

A person needs a multimeter that can provide the necessary readings. Among the most important, it is advisable to have a multimeter that can measure capacitance, frequency, continuity, resistance, and voltage.

These are some of the most commonly used measurements for repairing and checking the functionality of an HVAC.

Which multimeter is known as a good multimeter?

Any of the options we have mentioned is a reasonable multimeter. Each of them may be better suited to the hands of a beginner or an expert. Having a good quality multimeter allows for much more accurate measurements.

Among the main functions, accuracy is often one of the most critical factors when working with a refrigeration system. However, a good multimeter should also provide the ability to work with a wide range of electrical systems.

How do you use an HVAC Multimeter?

First, you must select the type of measurement you want to obtain on a given electrical system. In turn, you must use the black wire and the red wire to make the necessary connections.

These terminals must be connected on one side to the digital multimeter. On the other hand, these same wires need to be connected to the circuit.

First, the black wire should be combined, and then the red wire should be connected. Once everything is connected, you will be able to see the results on the multimeter display.

How do you check HVAC voltage?

To check the voltage of a refrigeration system or an electrical system, follow the same procedure as above.

Each person needs to turn the multimeter dial until the voltage icon is selected. The black and red wires should also be connected to the multimeter.

These same leads should also be connected to the circuit that needs to be measured. Also, click the black wire first and then connect the red wire. Finally, check the voltage on the display of the tool.

How much is a good multimeter?

These days it is possible to find a good multimeter for $200 or less. Each cost can vary significantly, considering the number of accessories incorporated with each option.

However, it is not advisable to buy the cheapest option, as this does not always provide a good result. Even professional users will want to have a quality tool to work in all kinds of circumstances.

How do you test an HVAC capacitor with a multimeter?

To perform this measurement, the capacitance function must be selected with the multimeter dial. You need to connect the red wire and the black wire to the multimeter.

You must also have the run capacitor from the HVAC. 

This is how you use the black wire terminal and the red wire terminal on each of the terminations of this HVAC component. This should be sufficient to obtain the proper measurement.

What is the benefit of clamp meter over multimeter?

When it comes to measuring current, a clamp meter is usually a more suitable choice. Specifically, this is because it provides a more accurate result. 

On the other hand, the multimeter measures resistance or voltage, obtaining a frequency with high precision and resolution. In any case, a multimeter is still a much more versatile tool than a clamp meter.

Can I use a clamp meter as a multimeter?

While they are not the same tool, each of these implements is often used similarly. A clamp meter can only measure current, so it cannot be used as a multimeter.

However, some options work with both of these tools to provide all the functions of each. So this can be an excellent choice to get all kinds of measurements.

Which is better, a clamp meter or a multimeter?

Nowadays, multimeters often require a higher budget than a clamp meter. Specifically, this may be because a multimeter not only provides greater accuracy.

Also, these tools can provide a wide variety of measurements. A clamp meter provides current measurement most of the time. So it is a more limited tool. 

Should I buy a multimeter or clamp meter?

A multimeter provides greater versatility and accuracy in obtaining different measurements. A clamp meter is only efficient for measuring high currents. So, the user will need to know what measurements to get.

If high current measurements are not needed, a multimeter will always be the best choice. The multimeter will be able to adapt to a wide variety of needs and uses.

What multimeter do electricians use?

Among the multimeters most commonly used by electricians are Fluke multimeters. However, any of the multimeters we have listed can also be used.

In general, a multimeter that is widely versatile and provides different measurements is required. In this way, electricians can have a versatile tool for every task they need to perform.

How do I test my HVAC power?

The cooling unit must first be disconnected. Select the volt measurement with the multimeter dial, also connecting the black and red wires to the tool.

Open the refrigeration unit to check the power contact area. You also need to turn the team back on and use the black and red terminals to measure the voltage. 

What tools do HVAC techs use?

The following tools are required:

  • Tin Snips and Shears
  • Pipe Wrenches and Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cordless Drill
  • Refrigerant Scale
  • Mobile HVAC Software
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

Does my HVAC have AC wire?

You need to check the motherboard for a terminal with the letter C on it. When there is a wire attached to this terminal, it is an AC wire.

Final Words

On a lot of occasions, it is essential to have a multimeter. Specifically, this tool is one of those required to check the excellent condition of a cooling system.

However, having the best HVAC multimeter can also provide amazing benefits for obtaining all kinds of measurements.

Whether it is an expert or a beginner, any of them can count on this tool. Even this implement is an essential part to complement HVAC testing equipment.

Anyone who has this equipment will have the ability to know if a refrigeration system needs some kind of repair.

When a person knows the best HVAC meters, he will be fully prepared to provide the necessary maintenance to any HVAC system. To do this, all that is needed is to check the information we have described here.

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