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Top 10 Best Contour Gauge Tool [Multipurpose Contour Tools]

Slicing through a flat material, such as sliding or flooring around curved planes or transferring molding profiles to paper, etc. can be difficult without the best contour gauge tool.

The contour gauge, such an instrument, also known as a profile comb, has a row of long, thin, adjustable teeth and a straight casing holding them together while they take the surface’s impression, similar to a hair comb.

One may need to duplicate a floor edge, the uneven non-90° corner, curving automobile panel, the area surrounding heating pipes, and so on using this tool and paste it onto whatever they want, such as the vinyl plank, paper, wood board, laminate, and so on.

Best Tools for Contouring

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Saker Contour Gauge...image Saker Contour Gauge (5&10 Inch Lock) Profile Tool- Adjustable Lock-Precisely Copy Irregular Shape Duplicator Buy On Amazon

It’s made up of a jumble of tiny pins. When one presses the pins against an object, some will adjust or slide to follow the object’s horizontal contour. 

Best Contour Gauge Tool Set Review 2021

The contour should be copied only horizontally, not vertically. Therefore, the smaller the pin, the more precise the copying of difficult curves should be.

Choosing the best tools for contouring can be a difficult job. Thus, to help buyers’ cause, here is a brief review of the market’s top contouring tools.

01. Saker Contour Gauge

Highlighted Features & Details

Saker is a very well-known brand as far as the best profile digital gauges are concerned.

So, no matter the type of surface a user wants to duplicate or slice through, there is hardly any better equipment than this tool.

Adjustable lock

Such a contour profile gauge comes with a 10-inch lock (adjustable) included with this device. For unusual objects, fitting tiles, winding pipes, laminate, ducts, and carpets, the Saker s is suitable.  

Thus, a user can achieve a fantastic cut finish. The duplication serves a user well irrespective of the number of times they perform it.

Pin depth

Such a gauge’s pin depth is around 2 inches deeper, and the product’s overall length is 10 inches. Such a dimension is usually appropriate for some users.

However, one doesn’t have to worry if the arrangement of pins moves while trying to change the shape.

This tool is constructed using a clamp with a lock that tightens the arrangement of the pins.

The tightness can be adjusted

One can also adjust the pin tightness to their liking.

For example, if one adjusts the gauge position, the mechanism of the lock knob and the setting of tightness will hold all the pins together and prevent them from moving. 

Fits all purposes

Such a profile gauge’s lock may be readily adjusted to suit users’ needs. As a result, measuring tight cross-sectional regions while putting out carpets or tiles in a home becomes easier.


Saker contour gauges are manufactured of ABS plastic, which increases their longevity and strength in harsh environments. It’s one of the best contour gauges for carpentry, stainless steel, auto, or metalwork.

User friendly

The Saker contour gauge is simple to use. All one needs to do is push it against the surface they are looking to contour, lock it in place, and then place it on the things they want to cut precisely. 

A user will always find points of interest in Saker contour gauge reviews because this tool comes with several features and convenience.


  • Adjustable lock
  • User friendly
  • Durable
  • ABS plastic design


  • Not sufficient depth for the pins

02. GOXAWEE Contour Gauge Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

Another value-addition to this list of contour gauge tools is this GOXAWEE brand. Such a device is undoubtedly one of the best for cutting through any hard material or adjusting any complex shape.

Precise cutting and measurement

Because it flawlessly conforms to shape and keeps its pattern, the GOXAWEE contour gauge set may be used to measure the shape of unusual goods to provide an instant template for making exact cuts.

It’s perfect for vehicle bodywork, woodworking, metalworking, modeling, and other do-it-yourself applications. 

Both-side locking

Such a latest innovative product is the GOXAWEE contour profile gauge with two lockings on each side.

There is 0.050.1inch additional spare area when unlocked, allowing a user to press the teeth but not slip out smoothly.

When locked, it transforms into the strongest contour gauge (clamp locking), making contour modeling dependable and straightforward.

Flexibility and comfort

Furthermore, the two locks can be utilized as two grips on the gauge sides, giving users more comfort and flexibility.

User friendly

For any installation project, one will surely need a contour gauge.

Such a gauge is great for traveling around pipes, round columns, conduits, and unevenly shaped walls, removing the need to guess unusual form dimensions and waste material.

It can accurately replicate irregular shapes on tile, engineered wood, laminate, solid wood, and vinyl flooring. Using such a gauge is as easy as a child’s play.

Wide Range of Applications

Marking the gauge profile is a helpful tool for woodworking, car body, stainless steel, auto metal sheet, or any duplicating project and all sorts of modeling because of its ease of use and increased precision.


Such a tool is made using ABS plastic which is why they are pretty durable. Besides, it will also ensure that no damage is done to the surface a user is looking to duplicate or shape. 


Pushing this device is very smooth, and there are enough pins in the tool to ensure a fine finishing.


  • Both-side lock system
  • Durable
  • Simple to use
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • It is suitable for different applications


  • It doesn’t copy shapes that well

03. General Tools Plastic Contour Gauge

Highlighted Features & Details

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best contour gauge tools in the market for its smooth precision and cutting abilities. Here is a brief outlook to a few features of this unit.

Deep and thin pin assembly

Such a contour gauge, General Tools 833, is a good option because it has the deepest and the thinnest assembly of pins for an exact duplicating result.

10-inch profile

Because the comb has a 10″ profile, it is ideal for copying or replicating tiles or woodwork.

Such a tool is also helpful in replicating shapes encircling some pipes and a few door casings. The 833 Contour duplicator has 3′′ long needles that accurately record the narrow cross-sectional surfaces.

Applicable in different surfaces

Such a 10′′ Contour gauge is suitable for various surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl flooring, and ceramic tile installation.

Ensures smooth finishing

The resolution is 0.028 inches, which is usually very thin for a single pin, thanks to the stainless steel pins.

Such slender-looking pins will offer a smooth marked lining. Furthermore, any slight or difficult curve can be accurately replicated, resulting in a flawless fit.


Such a devices’ technical specifications are likewise acceptable, if not superb.

For example, it can only copy contours up to 6 inches wide. Hence, it’s a nice tool to have. Such a pin’s depth, on the other hand, is superb. Thus, it can cover up to a 3.5-inch deep impression.

Therefore, it is a premium feature of this tool. 

Stainless steel pins

Because the pins are made of stainless steel, they should last a long time since they can resist corrosion.


Such a contour gauge is made of high-quality plastic that preserves the original contour of the surface for accurate measuring.

Because this contour gauge tool offers so many features, they are easily one of the very best in the business.


  • Strong
  • Durable ABS plastic-made
  • Pins are made of stainless steel
  • Useful is all surfaces


  • It offers only a depth of 1.25 inches

04. RAK Contour Gauge Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

One mustn’t forget the Rak brand in terms of contour profile gauge. Such a device ensures that all the jobs of duplicating or transforming shapes are done easily.

Besides, it’s durable and hence one of the most demanding brands in the market.

Copies precisely

Because of the wideness of the tool, it ensures that the cutting, shaping, and duplicating job are done with utmost precision. As a result, one can always get the desired shape or copy they want while using this tool.

Sliding teeth

The frame of this gauge has a set of plastic teeth (sliding) that one can push into the profile of any object — curved, sharp, weirdly shaped, or otherwise — and then lock into place, generating a very near copy of that shape for tracing and cutting elsewhere. 

Useful for a lot of applications

Such a tool is perfect for laying down flooring in unusual places, tile work, building things around pipelines, repeating difficult cuts over many workpieces, and so on.    

Lock system

Such a device enables to lock the teeth of the contour gauge in place so that one can get the same trace every time.

Durable and compact

Since the tool is made with high-quality plastic, this tool will last a long, and also it’s pretty compact, which makes it easy for storage and transportation.

User friendly

One other significant benefit of this device is that it’s straightforward to use. One needs to direct the teeth of the contour gauge into the object, lock the teeth in place, and that’s all.

Thus, copying and shaping any device is easy with this tool.

Furthermore, they ensure that the user can do all this work independently on any surface without any hassle. Hence, this is one ideal contouring tool that one must have.


  • Durable
  • Sliding teeth
  • Locking system 
  • Simple to use


  • Locks in the wrong direction
  • Not deep enough

05. Varsk Lock Contour Gauge

Highlighted Features & Details

Varsk is also a famous brand as far as the best counter to tracer tool is concerned. With this tool, any cutting, duplicating, molding job is easy for anyone.

Heavy-duty metal lock

One of the finest aspects of this tool is that it comes with a particular enhanced heavy-duty metal lock that ensures a good locking mechanism for all pins while a user is working. As a result, one can duplicate something precisely.

Alter pin tension

Another fantastic feature of the Varsk contour profile gauge is the ability to alter the pin tension as needed. One could adjust the tightness themselves with an Allen wrench that comes with this unit.

One may retain the shape tightly and easily with the lock, resulting in more exact contour replication.


Such a tool gives a user a great thickness of 0.05 inches for a single pin to produce smooth marking. For a plastic pin, this is a pretty beautiful thing.

But, unfortunately, the smoother the line one drew on the surface, the lower the pin’s resolution. 

Furthermore, the depth of the pins is just superb. Such a gauge’s pins are 2.5 inches deep, which is sufficient to copy most item outlines accurately. Its 10-inch length increases its versatility, allowing it to handle a wide range of tasks.


Overall, the Varsk contour gauge is the greatest pick thus far, according to this updated review list. Such a tool has wonderful features, including a metal lock and pin tightness that can be adjusted. 

Applicable in several applications

Such a tool’s specifications are likewise excellent, making it appropriate for a wide range of tasks. Besides, It’s also ideal for tiling, flooring, ceramics, and carpet installation, and other things. 


It’s ideal for woodworking because it’s composed of high-quality ABS plastic. As a result, the wood is not scratched.

Thus, this tool is easily one of the top-graded contour gauges in the tools market.


  • Deeper pins
  • Tightens is adjustable
  • Pins have high-resolution
  • Heavy-duty metal lock


  • Magnetic block not present

06. Be91eiter Duplication Gauge Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

Be91eiter is one of the best tools for contouring as far as shaping, molding, replicating, cutting, etc., features are concerned. Without a doubt, they are suitable for all flooring, carpentry needs.

Both-side locking 

Be91either comes with two knobs for locking on both sides, allowing a user to apply more pressure to the pins/teeth and keep them in good shape. 

Such a double knob is visible on the 10-inch contour gauge as it’s on the product.

It’s to be expected because the more pins there are on a gauge, the more pressure a user will need to tighten them all. One will never see the pins moving even a small amount here.

Pin depth

Such gauges’ pins are quite deep, which is excellent. As a result, it has a 3-inch impression with a 3-inch depth. In comparison to the plastic-produced pins, the 3-inch pin impression is the deepest.

Don’t be concerned! There are two knobs, which should be enough to secure the pins together.


Such a tool is made with high-quality plastic, so they are durable and won’t break easily. As a result, they can be applied on any surface.

Easy to use

User-friendliness is one of the critical features of this contour gauge tool. One just needs to set the teeth to the surface that requires being cut, shaped, molded, and all done!  

Not costly

Overall, this will be a good buy for a user because it includes two locking contour gauges. That said, this is a cost-effective alternative that comes with some wonderful features like a deeper pins and a double locking system. 

The knob (plastic) locking technique is a drawback, as is the single pin’s 0.06-inch length. If this was a thinner pin, it has a better possibility of scoring higher in this review.


  • Double locking system
  • Pins are 3-inches deeper


  • The locking knob is made of plastic

07. YOLETO Contour Gauge Profile Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

This product from YOLETO is also one of the best contour gauge tools very popular amongst users. Such a tool is useful in all types of cutting, flooring, and molding purposes.

Accurately Replicate Irregular Shape

Such a YOLETO contour fine tooling gauge can accurately replicate the shape of irregular items and the contour line of the angle. As a result, items with high precision measurements are easier to measure and cut.

Broad Applicability

Auto metal sheet, winding pipes, circular frames, tile, pipes, laminate, and wood planking are among the irregular objects that can be measured using this tool.

In addition, fitting tiles, carpet, laminate, checking dimensions, and modeling are all made easier with this contour fine tooling unit.

Versatile and easy to use

The pins on the master outline gauge are flexible and easy to adjust, allowing a user to save time by not having to write out templates for difficult curves and cuts around the molding. 

Simply push the profile gauge’s tooth on the target object and keep track of the shape you get.

Material of superior quality 

Such a rapid irregular shape copy tool is composed of high-quality ABS plastic with high strength, durability, anti-rust properties and ensures long-term use without breaking or distortion.


Such a shape tracing template measuring ruler has a total length of 10 inches, with centimeter and foot measurement of 2 units on either side, making it clear and easy to read. 

Because of its utility, this YOLETO contour profiling gauge is a widely accepted product. They are just perfect for use in any application like molding, shaping, replicating. 

As a result, many users prefer this tool today because, with this, the DIY can be done with ease, and because of its longevity factor, one can apply them on any surface without the fear of the tool being damaged.


  • Durable
  • Adaptable
  • Thick
  • High-quality material
  • Ideal size


  • It doesn’t lock in place

08. Lionz Locking System Contour Gauge

Highlighted Features & Details

In regards to the best tools for contouring, the Lionz tool is certainly right up there. Such a tool has several features, which makes it one of the most useful profiling devices. Here are some of its essential specifications.

50 percent wider and precise

Such an improved Contour duplicating Gauge is 50 percent wider than standard ones, allowing it to copy deep forms easily. 

A large 10″ angle gauge is available for large shapes and a 5″ angle gauge for more precise copying of smaller object shapes. 

Such tools can be used to operate various types of modeling. In addition, the pins’ movement is exceptionally fluid, making cutting and measuring much easier.

Aluminum core and metal locking mechanism

Lionz duplicator contour gauge tool has a metal locking mechanism that allows it to hold the shape without sliding out of it, allowing users to duplicate and transfer the shape perfectly to wherever they need it.

Such a master outline tool will last for years, thanks to its high-quality aluminum core.


Lionz Multifunctional profile gauge is durable and sturdy plastic (ABS) with a high-quality and solid aluminum core. 

High-quality and easy to carry

Such a tool won’t harm the original finishing of the replicated shape, and it will not rust.

In addition, it’s possible to re-use the master outline gauge: FREE Bag for carrying, storing and transporting the contour duplicator tool.

Simple to use

Apply the teeth of the outline gauge tool to a form. Fix the contour gauge in place.

Trace the outline to mark the shape and cut it out: Transfer corners and contours with ease and accuracy. The plastic ruler on the gauge’s body has inches and centimeters on it, making it simple to measure the irregular patterns’ lengths.  


Herein, you will get one pencil for carpentry and a carry bag containing a set of two wide duplicators (contour gauge), i.e., one 5-inch and 10-inch duplication/contour tool.


  • The broader tool ensures precise cutting
  • Aluminum metal locking system
  • Durable ABS-plastic made
  • High-quality and convenient to carry
  • User friendly


  • The product is useful for small tiles only

09. VIRIDI Contour Profiling Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

VIRDI profiling tool is one of the best contour gauges because of several reasons. First, such a tool has all the useful utilities to make all the profiling and cutting work possible. 

Wide and precise

The maximum width of such a contour gauge is 5.11 inches, while the maximum depth of the contour is 5.18 inches. As a result, this tool will ensure a precise finishing.

Useful for several applications

They are the best tools for contouring because they are valuable for linoleum installation, woodworking, and any other operation or hobby that requires contour duplication. 

50 percent wider and double-locked

Such a VIRIDI’s 2020 newest upgrade expanded version contour profiling gauge with a dual lock system ensures they fit easily to any application and won’t slip over.


One of the best contour gauges is that it is constructed of a robust ABS plastic construction and is ideal for fitting laminate, tile, or wood, or around heating pipes, among other applications. 


The profile duplication gauge tool is a terrific instrument for making any duplicating or molding work pretty easily, safely, and comfortably.

They are ideal for replicating any wood or metal work’s shape. This is a highly exact and straightforward technique for changing the contours and corners’ shapes onto tile or wood that needs cutting. 

Any Shape Can Be Duplicated Easily

Metalworking and woodworking both make extensive use of profile gauges.

For example, when cutting tiles, one will need a specialist tool to know how to cut a tile around special materials like pipes, odd corners, and other things that might prevent cutting a straight edge of a tile for fitting. 

Thus, this gauge from VIRDI with lock allows scanning the cutting line quickly and easily and then transferring it to the material one will need to cut and fit into position. 

Quality pins

Such a tool consists of a set of high-quality ABS plastic pins tightly held together in a frame that holds those in the same level parallel while enabling them to move perpendicular to the frame independently.

The duplicator/contour gauge tool is ideal for quickly reproducing any shape for use on tile or other surfaces.  


  • 50% wider tool and precise cutting
  • Durable
  • Compact and convenient
  • Quality pins
  • Strong design


  • It doesn’t work well at a 45-degree angle

10. Saker Shape Duplicator/profiling Tool

Highlighted Features & Details

When it comes to profile gauges or best counter to the tracer, Saker is a pretty well-known brand. So, regardless of the surfaces a user wishes to copy or slice through, there isn’t much better than this tool.

Adjustable lock

Such a contour profile gauge has a 10-inch lock (adjustable) as standard. Thus, the Saker contour profile gauge is ideal for fitting unique tiles, winding pipes, ducts, laminate, and carpets. 

As a result, a user can attain an excellent cut finish with such a contour fine tooling. Regardless of how many times a user duplicates anything, it serves them well.

Pin depth

The pin depth of such a gauge is about two inches in-depth, and the overall length of the product is ten inches. Some users will benefit from a dimension of this size.

However, if the arrangement of pins moves while attempting to change the shape, it is unimportant.

The arrangement of pins is tightened with the help of a clamp (that includes a lock) on this instrument.

The tension can be tweaked

The pin tension can also be adjusted to one’s preference. For example, if the gauge position is adjusted, the lock knob mechanism and the tightness setting will not allow the pins to move and will hold them together in their place.

Suitable for all purposes

A lock on such a profile gauge can be easily modified to meet the demands of the user. As a result, it’s easier to measure tight cross-sectional regions when installing carpets or tiles in a home.

String design

Saker contour gauges are made of ABS plastic, extending their lives and boosting their strength in severe conditions. For carpentry, stainless steel, auto, or metalwork.

Simple to use

They are very easy to use. All that is required is to push it against the surface to be contoured, lock it in place, and then position it on the items to be cut precisely.

Saker contour gauge reviews will always pique a user’s curiosity due to the tool’s numerous features and ease of use.


  • The lock can be adjusted
  • User-friendly 
  • Long-lasting 
  • ABS plastic design


  • The pins aren’t deep enough.

Buying considerations for the Best Counter to Tracer

While buying the best contour gauge tool, one must always keep a few essential factors in mind. Let’s check them out.


When working with the size of an item, one must consider the length.

One will require a long profiling gauge if they want to replicate a longer contour. As a result, a 10-inch contour gauge is recommended, in which case, it should be adequate for the majority of jobs.

Otherwise, the shorter version will suffice.

Depth of the pin

The pipe a user is trying to replicate may have a larger diameter while trying to replicate the contouring around it.

The deeper the pins are required, the greater the diameter. Deeper pins are required in this example to replicate the shape completely.

However, the deeper pin assembly, on the other hand, necessitates more pressure to keep the pins in place. Hence, it is a must to have an excellent locking system.


Those who need exact contour modeling must use the best counter to tracer with the highest resolution.

When the resolution is better, the length of the pins also improves. Simply put, the higher the resolution, the narrower the pins are.

Metal pins are regarded as the highest potential pin in this scenario, as they provide the highest resolution. For example, suppose a user had a ten inches contour profiling tool with 158 total pins.

In such a case, 0.063 inches would be the resolution obtained by dividing 10 inches by 158 pins.

Materials for pins

Usually, we find two primary materials for pins on the market: Stainless Steel and ABS plastic. Both offer their own set of merits and demerits. 

Pins made with ABS material will not rust, but they will become thicker. As a result, the resolution is reduced. On the other hand, the stainless steel permits the pins to be thinner, resulting in higher resolution. 

Another factor to consider is that ABS plastic will scrape the surface when gauged, whereas stainless steel may scratch the surface.

Mechanism of Locking

In a nutshell, it keeps the pins in good shape while transferring the gauge.

As a result, if the pins are too loose, it will be pretty aggravating. The lock system will make things easier for the consumers.

One should turn the knob for locking after they’ve copied the contour. It will push the pin assembly, which will not readily slip. 

This will allow a user to effortlessly move the gauge to any location without worrying about the pins assembly slipping.


A joinable contour gauge is a useful sort of contour gauge that gives a user many options. First, disconnect the gauge while working with smaller objects.

Connect the components, on the other hand, to handle a larger surface.


Such a feature has been added lately to contour gauges. However, a contour gauge’s magnet is an optional feature that a user might want in a situation when they need it to stay put.

Adjustable Tightness

Consider how useful it would be if one could modify the tension of entire pins.

Such a new feature allows users to choose their preferred pin tension, allowing them to go as loose as they wish. If a contour is exceedingly uneven and difficult to repeat, one will need to loosen the pins to complete the task.

Common FAQs for the Best Contour Gauge Tool

Q. Which is better-Metal or plastic contour gauge?

Plastic is less durable than metal and can wear out or break if pressed against a hard surface. Metal contour gauges, on the other hand, are not unbreakable.

Q. How deep can a contour gauge measure?

The depth of the pins for six-inch-sized contour gauges is 3.5 inches in general.

Q. What is the largest contour gauge?

The contour gauges with ten inches in length are usually considered as longer ones.

Q. Does a contour gauge need a lock?

A lock system is always useful in a contour gauge as it will hold the pins in place and ensure precise cutting.

Q. How does a Saker contour gauge work?

As already mentioned in the Saker contour gauge reviews earlier, such a contour gauge is ideal to correctly identify the edges and profiles on the material that requires shaping or cutting.

Q. What can I use as a contour gauge?

It could be the pipe running from the toilet in a cloakroom or bathroom, a boiler pipe, etc. 

Q. What is the deepest contour gauge?

A highly accurate contour gauge’s duplication is quite precise. There are about 35 pins per inch on this board. In addition to that, the pin assembly is not only the deepest but thinnest too.

Q. What is the primary use of contour gauges?

A contour gauge is a measurement tool used to record a surface’s cross-sectional shape. Such a tool is made out of a series of steel or plastic pins arranged in a frame.

Such pins are kept parallel in the same level by the frame. Thus, the movement of each pin is parallel to the plane and independent of the others.

Q. Does Lowe’s have a contour gauge?

Lowes does have an online store for contour gauges.

Q. What is a contour gauge duplicator?

With a duplicator contour gauge tool, one can determine the edges or profiles to cut. Such tools are ideal for replicating works, molding, flooring, pipes, etc.

Wrap it Up

With this, the review for the best contour gauge tool comes to an end. 

Every tool mentioned in this review has its own set of unique features and thus they can prove to be quite useful for the users. If anyone desires to have more in-depth knowledge about these best HAVC tools they can always check the detailed specifications about the product.

Overall, these are valuable kits to have to make ones’ life easier in regards to cutting or duplicating tasks. Hopefully, by now, one has a fair idea about which tool to choose that best suits their needs.

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