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Top 10 Best Clamp Meter for HVAC Review with Buying Guides [Top Rated Multipurpose Clamp Meters]

Only an electrician can understand the importance of a clamp meter in their daily life.

However, if you are looking for a safe and secure device, we have the best clamp meter for HVAC in this article.


With these electric meters, you can quickly measure the flow of electric current without any direct contact. Considering the vitality of this device, you must only purchase a clamp meter that is safe and promises quality.

One must not settle on the quality of these tools and purchase from verified brands only. Also, we understand you need a device that has all the modern technologies.

Best Clamp Meter for Electrician

Photo Title Buy
KAIWEETS Digital Clamp...image KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts with 23PCS Test Leads Kit for Multimeter with Electrical Alligator Clips, Multimeter Voltage Tester Auto-ranging, Measures Current Voltage Temperature C Buy On Amazon
KAIWEETS Digital Clamp...image KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts, Multimeter Voltage Tester Auto-ranging, Measures Current Voltage Temperature Capacitance Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle (AC/DC Current) Buy On Amazon
Fluke 323 True-RMS...image Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter Buy On Amazon
Klein Tools CL800...image Klein Tools CL800 Electrical Tester, Digital Clamp Meter AC / DC Auto-Ranging 600 Amp Measures Voltage, Resistance, Temp, More Buy On Amazon
Fluke 116/323 HVAC...image Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit Buy On Amazon
UEi DL379B Digital...image UEi DL379B Digital Clamp Meter Auto Ranging, HVAC Current Voltage Tester w/ Magnetic Mount, Measures AC Amps AC/DC Volts Temperature Capacitance Frequency Diodes Duty Cycle Continuity Resistance NCV Buy On Amazon
Fieldpiece SC440 True...image Fieldpiece SC440 True RMS Clamp Meter with Temperature, Inrush Current, Capacitance and Backlight Buy On Amazon
Amprobe AMP-220 True-RMS...image Amprobe AMP-220 True-RMS 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter Buy On Amazon
UEi Test Instruments...image UEi Test Instruments DL429B Digital HVAC Clamp Meter True RMS Wireless Multimeter Auto-ranging 6000 Counts Voltage Tester, Measures Inrush AC/DC Current Temperature Capacitance Resistance Diodes NCV Buy On Amazon

Top 10 Best Clamp Meter for HVAC Review

So, we have the best digital clamp meters to deliver safety and convenience for practicing work. Moreover, always carry these crucial devices along with you while working on any electrical appliance or circuit.

Read on to locate your ideal clamp meter today.

01. Auto Voltage Tester

Highlighted Features & Details

People do not like to invest heavily in tools and devices, and we recognize that fact.

So, we have the best affordable alternative for you. Moreover, this device is the best digital multimeter that assists better than the regular clamp meters available in the market.

Also, it can test voltage, continuity, resistance, and a lot more with ease and simplicity. 

Convenience and Benefits 

The primary ease this tool provides to its users is showing digital readings.

Also, it has a large Led screen that reads all the measures correctly. Further, this device automatically shuts if you do not use it for a while; thus, it also helps in saving energy.

Overall, it is a user-friendly tool that makes your work simple and convenient to perform. 

Features and Highlights 

Saying this is one of the most efficient and best HVAC clamp meters will not be wrong.

This device has some prominent features like it records AC and DC instantly. However, it only measures AC in case of resistance.

Moreover, this device provides diode and continuity tests for better use. 

Usage and Kit

When you hold the clamp meter, you will notice a jaw opening on one side.

This part is used to measure the AC flow, and it also measures conductivity without interruption. Further, it comes in a handy pouch to easily carry it anywhere.

The device also has batteries and other starting essentials to assist you for a few months. 


  • It has a digital screen 
  • Time and energy-saving device 
  • Easy to read and measure 
  • Measures both AC and DC 


  • No LED screen light 

02. Auto-ranging Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

A non-contact voltage detector that works on a sensor to detect voltage and keep electric shocks at bay.

Sounds interesting?

The device is even better than this. This product offers many benefits and complete safety from fatal electrical shocks. 

Features and benefits 

Undoubtedly it is affordable and an easy-to-use device for all.

If you want a complete package best HVAC clamp multimeter, this is indeed your pick. Understanding its working is not difficult, and it is precisely designed to conduct circuit conduct.

It measures voltage, resistance, diode, and a lot more for you. Also, it comes in a kit including batteries, a bag, and a user manual for assistance. 

Key Highlights 

Using this device promises accuracy and better performance. It will surely not disappoint you on a busy workday.

This multimeter correctly measures AC and DC without causing any delay. Also, it sends out an alert if there is any defect or danger.

In addition, it has a digital display to improve visibility and a flash to use in dark places. Overall, it has a wide range of benefits to assist its users. 


Operating this amazing HAVC tool is not difficult.

All you need to do is place the wires properly and ensure your device is well charged. Also, it is an energy-saving clamp meter, so do not worry if you have an emergency and the batter is not fully charged.

Altogether, this clamp meter is an ideal choice for electricians and every person who manually checks the home electric circuit.  


  • Non-contact voltage-clamp multimeter
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Preserves and saves energy
  • Measures up to 6000 counts


  • Auto-off breaks the continuity 

03. AC Measuring Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

The KAIWEETS clamp meter is a popular device used to measure AC.

Moreover, it measures up to 6000 counts and gives an accurate ready. Therefore, it is a handy and portable device easy to take anywhere.

Also, it is very safe and has been rated under the CAT 3 category for safety. 

Stand-out features 

You can simply use this clamp meter for small and home-level projects that include regular checks.

It measures readings up to 600V and gives you sheer perfection. Further, the no contact features help in detecting current and voltage without even touching the wires.

In addition, its K-type material permits a user to measure all vital factors easily. 

Assistances and Highlights 

Using this digital clamp meter and its operation is easy and convenient for each user.

It can be used single-handedly and is lightweight, which makes the tool simple to carry. Moreover, it has a flash or LED light that makes it effortless to work in all areas.

Also, this tool has a backlit screen and indicates battery levels to a user. It is indeed one of the best clamp meters of all time. 

Usage Instructions 

The jaw of this device has the imprint of maximum voltage and current values that you can measure.

Also, it is easy to use and does not need wires. Moreover, if you do not use the device for 15 minutes, it will shift to sleep mode and save your battery.

And its Func button will automatically switch in between varied measurements. Overall, it is simple to use and can be operated by anybody. 


  • Measures up to 600V
  • Indicated battery levels 
  • Comes with flash and backlit 
  • User-friendly and convenient 


  • Does not have a dual-screen

04. Compatible Clamp Meter

Highlighted Features & Details

Fluke offers impressive clamp meters to give their users ease and perfection.

Likewise, this multimeter is slim, compact, and easy to handle, making it a likable device. Using it will give you more perfection at work and the ability to measure to 400A quickly.

So, if you want a portable clamp meter, this device is surely the most suitable choice for you. 


If you think using this multimeter will be complicated, you are wrong. Operating this device is as easy as any other.

Moreover, you can use it at your convenience and from a safe distance. Also, you can quickly connect to any appliance with the help of cables.

This product is truly one of the finest clamp multimeters that you can add to your work toolkit.

Compatibility and Working 

This multimeter works with both cable wires and non-contact means.

Therefore, you can easily connect it to a circuit or use the jaws to measure the current flow. Moreover, using this device is very safe, and you do not need extra tools to secure yourself.

Also, it reads continuity, AC, circuits, fuses, switches, DC with utmost ease. 

Benefits and Features 

Some of the benefits of this clamp meter are already mentioned above, but it has more than them.

This device measures with accuracy even on non-linear signals and has a user-friending design which makes reading easier. May it be tight locations or distance, you do not need to worry about either.

It comes with cables and essentials to measure correctly from a distance. Moreover, it captures faults while performing different tasks. 


  • Better connectivity 
  • Measures up to 400A 
  • Very safe and secure device 
  • Notes efficient readings 


  • It does not have backlit 

05. Temperature-Specific Clamp Meter

Highlighted Features & Details

The Klein clamp meter does not measure all circuits but only electrical flow in certain temperatures.

This multimeter has advanced digital features and an automatic ranging to be a part of the best HVAC clamp meter list. Moreover, it is very accurate and provides perfect readings supporting the technology.

Also, it measures AC, diode, DC, resistance, continuity, and a lot more. 

Operation and Functioning 

This multimeter slightly works differently from the others.

By this, we mean it measures current only in specific temperature ranges. Also, it has a low impedance mode for detecting and removing unknown voltages.

The ideal temperatures essential for this clamp meter to work are between 32 to 104 Fahrenheit. 

Construction and Features 

While using this clamp meter, you may feel it is light, but the device is highly durable.

It withstands a two-meter fall easily without damage. Furthermore, it has double insulation and is highly safe for its users.

It measures up to 600V, and the LED display shows all the readings accurately. Also, this tool indicates when it’s time to recharge or replace batteries.

Overall, it is a great multimeter that is reliable and suitable for small or mid-projects. 

Usage and Kit 

The multimeter comes with a carry case and other essentials like adapter, batteries, and test leads.

It is easy to control, and one can use it with the help of a user manual. To sum up, this clamp meter can be your ideal pick if you work in relatable temperature areas.

However, it may not be suitable in all regions, but it is the best clamp meter for an electrician.


  • Measures up to 600V 
  • Accurate readings 
  • Changeable and rechargeable batteries 
  • Tough and durable device 


  • No flash or blacklight  

06. Portable Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

One of the best features of any Fluke device is that it is very safe and helps you measure readings from a distance.

Also, it has excellent connectivity and accurate reading that makes it one of the best tools for electricians. Moreover, even people who like to do their tasks without expert help can use them with ease. 

Power and Performance 

This Fluke device is a clamp meter used by many electricians today.

It measures 400V in AC and up to 600V in DC with ease. Also, it has micro clamps that permit a user to measure flame sensors and other faults.

Moreover, it has low input impedance, ensuring no faulty readings and giving a user accurate reading only.

Benefits and Features 

Connecting this tool is easy, and you can either use cables or jaws to measure any current flowing through any HVAC.

n addition, it has a non-contact feature where a user may not need to attach this tool while taking a reading. So, individuals often call it the best clamp meter for the electrician.

Also, it helps in measuring even non-linear signals with utmost accuracy.

Moreover, this device comes in a kit with all the essentials you will need while measuring HVAC current flow. 

Usage and Instruction 

The Fluke product is original and not fake. However, a user must double-check before purchasing from outside sources.

It is vital to get the correct device to enjoy its privileges and advantages. Moreover, this device provides all readings and gives you an in-depth measure of your appliances. 


  • Measures up to 600V DC
  • Comes in a complete kit 
  • Designed for professional HVAC use 
  • Efficient readings 


  • Does not include temp probes 

07. Mid-level Clamp Meter

Highlighted Features & Details

Do you prefer repairing your electrical devices by yourself?

If yes, then you must only get a quality clamp meter for use. Then, be it your ac, heat appliances, or any device, you will quickly be able to measure the current flow and perform your repairs safely.

Considering your safety and promising performance, we can undoubtedly tell you that this is one of the finest for your use.

Usage and Facilities 

It is a mid-range multimeter that permits you to read the current flow in home appliances with ease.

Electricians like its portable features and lightweight benefit that makes carrying this device easy. Moreover, it is known to be the best clamp meter for HVAC.

Also, it comes with a pouch, some test leads, and batteries to begin your work instantly. This device also has a dual-screen that helps in noting readings easily and quickly. 

Performance and Speed

If you want a multimeter that gives you instant results, chose this one.

It is one of the finest performers and gives you accurate readings without faults. Also, this clamp meter has many extended benefits for its users.

Like, you can measure readings up to 400V easily and note any frequency or duty cycle. 


This multimeter is more than just accurate. It assists you well in your work and helps you save power.

Yes, we mean this device automatically switches on and off when not in use. Moreover, it is very simple to control and operate with maximum comfort.

So, if you are looking for a decent-priced and quality clamp meter, it is your ideal device. 


  • Reads current up to 400V 
  • Portable and easy use 
  • Best for HVAC devices 
  • It has a dual-screen 


  • No backlit for better use 

08. RMS Clamp Meter

Highlighted Features & Details

The all-in-one multimeter for measuring all circuits is right here. However, the Fieldpiece multimeter is a great device that helps you complete your work with ease.

This clamp multimeter is very safe and makes your entire experience easy. Moreover, it works well enough for diode tests or checking continuity.

Overall, it is a decent clamp meter that fulfills all your basic current measuring needs.

Features and Performance 

True RMS with a dual-display is what this clamp meter offers to its users.

Also, it has a LED-backlit to measure readings in the dark with ease. So, if you have this device with you, no electrical task will be very difficult to complete.

This device is efficient enough to measure the inrush of current from the circuit and displays the reading on the screen. Moreover, it can read all readings with preciseness.

Usage and Construction

Operating this multimer is easy because of many reasons.

First, it has a manual and automatic ranger for making the tool user-friendly and convenient. Also, it is handy and comes with an instruction manual to make work easy and simple to apprehend.

Moreover, this clamp meter is easy to hang anywhere and comes with a heavy-duty magnet. 

Benefits and Highlights 

Undoubtedly its dual-screen and backlit display is one of the best benefits that this device offers.

Also, true RMS is a highlight that makes this device one of the finest tools and the best HVAC clamp multimeter. Moreover, this device can measure HVACR levels and values with ease.

Overall, it is a long-lasting and reliable device that is simple and fitting for all. 


  • It has a backlit 
  • Suitable for measuring all HVAC 
  • Portable and Lightweight 
  • Accurate readings 


  • No phone connectivity

09. Quick Clamp Meter

Highlighted Features & Details

If you want a modern clam meter that helps you measure modern HVAC functions, this is the ideal choice for you.

This device helps in effortlessly reading your appliances and giving you accuracy with every use. Also, it is very rapid and does not need a lot of time to measure any circuit. 

Performance and Quality 

Amprobe’s multimeter is not just a swift but a high-quality device.

It is suitable for measuring all small and mid-level projects in a hassle-free and easy manner. Moreover, it provides precise readings for voltage, frequency, and capacitors.

Also, its low-filter and RMS helps in quicker responses and faultless readings. Measure any HVAC simply in any environment with the aid of this tool. 

Benefits and Features 

One of the most prominent benefits is RMS and its Amp-tip function that permits users to record readings in just a few minutes.

Also, it can measure wide diameter wires without any issue. Thus, this best HVAC clamp meter helps users note the current flow without any attachments or connections.

Further, it also has a large LED display with backlit to take readings even in the dark with ease. 

Functioning and Operation 

Usually, this device is preferrable by electricians as it makes their entire work simpler and handier.

Also, it is trusted by experts and is also very affordable for any person. Therefore, it gives plenty of advantages at a low cost and gives you accurate results only.

Moreover, it is a high-quality device that is simple to use and durable. 


  • It has the Amp-tip feature 
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Handy and lightweight 
  • LED-display with backlit  


  • No test probes

10. No-Contact Clamp Multimeter

Highlighted Features & Details

One of the stand-out features of this UEi clamp meter is that it measures current by wireless means.

In addition, this multimeter has an app that you can use to record data and share it with customers or save it for further use. It is a fine performer that promises accurate delivery and makes your work simpler.

Overall, it is an easy and quick reading tool that helps you interpret your readings easily. 

Power and Output 

It measures 600V AC and Dc with continuity and gives you a hassle-free operation.

Also, this device is the best clamp meter for an electrician for many several reasons. Further, it measures differential temperature for you to save some time while working.

Thus, if you want to improve your daily work efficiency and satisfy your customers, this is your best pick. 

 Performance and Benefits 

A power-pack clamp meter measures AC/DC, diode, frequency, resistance, duty cycle, continuity, and a lot more in no time.

Also, it has true RMS to promise accuracy and correctness in readings. Thus, it is an ideal multimeter with capabilities to assist in professional work.

Moreover, it is easy to record and has a backlight that assists well in darker areas. 


Operating this device requires no contact and is completely wireless.

Also, it has a magnet to mount to a multimeter to any metallic surface. Further, the test leads storage assists in carrying and comes with a flash for better use in dark areas.

Finally, with this multimeter, your need for additional tools automatically cuts down as this tool reads every factor well. 


  • All-in-one device 
  • Portable and accurate 
  • Has a flashlight 
  • Wireless connectivity option 


  • Test leads are not long-lasting 

Buying Consideration for the Best Clamp Meter for HVAC

Clamp meters help in measuring the flow of electricity in a circuit and are essential tools.

These devices are safer than the traditional ways of measuring electricity and provide more assistance. However, what features must the best clamp meter include?

We understand you must still not be very clear about your purchase. Worry not if there is confusion because this section is here to help you remove all your doubts.

Also, considering these points will assist you in reaching your ideal clamp meter. 

After a close study of all the factors, we have formed some must-have features for your ideal multimeter. Some of the major factors to note while purchasing a clamp meter are: 

Safety and Protection

The primary aspect that you need to check in your clamp meter is safety and the level of protection it provides.

You can apprehend this by checking the quality and the build material of this device. Also, if the multimeter has a high voltage, resistance, and current rating, it is safer.

Safety comes with tests and approvals from well-known organizations that guarantee the working of a tool. So, check this and keep safety your chief priority. 


By size, we mean the opening ends from which a user holds and operates the machine. Ensure the size is not very big and handy enough for anybody to use.

Also, select a size that falls between 18 to 45mm as it is likely to be comfortable. Multimeters come in many sizes. So, make sure you check on this factor to get the best clamp meter for you. 


Budget is a very crucial part of any purchase. So, first, keep a budget in mind and then shortlist the products according to their prices.

However, we recommend investing a little more if you are getting a better product as quality devices last longer. But, make sure to keep a budget to reduce your confusion. 

Backlit Display

If you think a backlit is not essential, you may be wrong. Usually, electric jobs take place in darker areas where you may need to note readings instantly.

So, without a backlit, you will not be able to note the measures in such regions. On the other hand, a backlit makes your work simpler so, considering this fact will not disappoint.

Also, not all products have a backlit so pick your product wisely. 

Mobile connectivity

Only a few multimeters provide this feature in them. However, it is not essential for everyone but for experts that work daily.

Connectivity helps you record and save the measures to keep track of the graph. Also, it helps in reading from a distance and do all your work.

So, if you want to view your results easily, go for a device that offers smartphone connectivity.  

Ampere Count

This factor will help you analyze how heavy-duty and efficient your device is from the rest. For small and mid-level projects, a 400V device works fine.

However, if you want to measure more current, go for a 600V device that assists better. Overall, this depends on your need and use. 

Essential Features

The best clamp meter comes with all essential tools and equipment. Go for products that offer test leads, tiny LED lights, and other necessities for your readings.

It will help in giving you smoother and hassle-free performances.

Best HVAC Clamp Meter for the Beginner

FAQs for the Best HVAC Clamp Multimeter

How do I select a clamp meter?

Selecting the ideal clamp meter is not very tricky but requires little observation.

So, first, consider your needs, imply them, and then select your best clamp meter for HVAC. There are several factors like resistance, battery, price, and performance that one must check before purchasing.

Also, consider other factors like safety and accessibility to give you a seamless experience every time you use it. 

How to use a clamp meter in HVAC?

If you are an HVAC electrician, you must have a clamp meter in your toolbox.

It enables you to work better and faster. Moreover, using a clamp meter in HVAC is quite simple. First, open the jaw-like opening at one end and attach it to the wire of your HVAC.

After this, the device automatically reads the current flow and other measures of the HVAC. All the results will display on your screen, and you can note them down from there. 

Which is better, a clamp meter or a multimeter?

Both devices’ purposes are different as a clamp meter measures current, whereas the multimeter notes voltage, frequency, and resistance.

So, if you want a multi-purpose device, go for a multimeter. But if you only need to measure current, the clamp meter is good enough for you.

However, clamp multimeters are better as they give more accuracy. 

What is a clamp meter good for?

Clamp meters are good for measuring high current flow.

This device helps in making your entire electrical work safe and protects you from accidental shocks. It is a better method than the traditional ones and one of the vital devices in an electrician toolbox.

Also, it is perfect for measuring in-line current in a contactless way. 

How do I test my HVAC power?

Use the best HVAC clamp multimeter to test the HVAC power.

However, ensure to follow the user manual closely before taking readings to prevent mishaps. Also, let your HVAC run for about some time before checking and noting the device’s temperature.  

What is the benefit of clamp meter over multimeter?

A clamp meter is a device that helps measure the flow of current and faults in the system.

So, a clamp meter is safer than a multimeter for use. It assures a user and indicates if there is an error in the system. Overall, this device is safer and promising in comparison to the multimeter.

And they are contactless, which makes the work convenient. 

How do you test an HVAC wire with a multimeter?

If you want to test your HVAC power take the help of these steps: 

  1. Check for a dial on your multimeter and turn it to ṽ. If you don’t remember the maximum voltage limit, then set it to the highest level. 
  2. Inject the black-colored test lead in the COM jack. 
  3. After this, insert its blackjack in the VΩ jack. Then, once you complete your work remove the black first and then the red one. 
  4. Now, attach the leads to the system’s circuit. The first black and then the red one. 
  5. Finally, read the measures on the screen and remove the leads in the reverse order. 

How accurate are clamp amp meters?

Clamp amp meters are highly accurate; however, you may have a slight variation in readings sometimes.

Current measures vary about 5 %, and the voltage varies about 3 %. Therefore, they are not 100% accurate but give closer and reliable measures of the HVAC. 

What is the clamp on a multimeter used for?

The clamp-on multimeter helps in noting voltage.

It allows an electrician to attach the jaws around a cable and measure the current in that system. Also, it makes the entire process simpler and removes the need to disconnect the circuit. 

What is the benefit of using a current clamp?

The primary benefit of measuring using a current clamp is that the membrane potentials are not affected by the measuring technique. Also, it needs lesser adjustments while performing a task. 

Final Words

Select the best clamp meter for HVAC from this list for hassle-free operations and work. Any expert will tell you how valuable this tool is for your use.

It is essential for every person who performs any household electric tasks.

Also, there are several ways how this device can make your work simpler as a professional electrician. We hope your entire process of selecting an ideal multimeter is now easier with the help of this article. 

If you want a great clamp meter, follow the guidelines mentioned above and then purchase.

All of these clamp multimeters are the finest for your use and will surely make your work efficient. Altogether, we hope you get your ideal clamp meter on this list and secure your future electrical tasks. 

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