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Top 10 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead Review with Buying Guide

If you’ve ever used best central vacuum powerhead, you know how convenient it is to not having to lug a giant vacuum cleaner around your home.

You’re also aware that if a component breaks (for example, your powerhead), all you have to do is discover the most acceptable central vacuum powerhead alternative for that damaged piece, and you’re ready to go.

Picking the most efficient powerhead for your central vacuum is a very vital process, especially if you’re trying to get the most off your cleaning system.

Because the correct powerhead determines how well your floors are cleaned, including the process of removing all types of dirt or debris.

Central Vacuum Powerhead Reviews

Photo Title Buy
H-P TurboCat Air...image H-P TurboCat Air Driven Brush for All Central Vacuums (White) Buy On Amazon
Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo...image Cen-Tec Systems Vacuflo Turbocat Central Vacuum Air Turbine Brush, Gray Buy On Amazon
Vacuflo Turbo Cat...image Vacuflo Turbo Cat Zoom Powerhead - Platinum 8702 Buy On Amazon
Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe...image Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power Brush With Built-In LED Lights for Central Vacuums, 14" Width , Black Buy On Amazon
Wessel Werk EBK...image Wessel Werk EBK 360 Power Nozzle with Integrated Wand for Central Vacuum Systems Buy On Amazon
Central Vacuum Electric...image Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Nozzle for Beam, Eureka, Nutone & More Buy On Amazon
TurboCat Air Powered...image TurboCat Air Powered Central Vacuum Powerhead/Brush Buy On Amazon
Ultra Clean Advanced...image Ultra Clean Advanced Electric Powerhead with Integrated Wand for Central Vacuum Systems (Black) Buy On Amazon
Genuine Electrolux Central...image Genuine Electrolux Central Vacuum Quiet Clean Electric Power Head Brush Nozzle 045059 Buy On Amazon
Cen-Tec Systems 94775...image Cen-Tec Systems 94775 CT20QD Quiet Drive Central Vacuum Nozzle with Integrated Wand, Black Buy On Amazon

Deciding the appropriate powerhead, on the other hand, might be a difficult task. However, paying close attention to each product has to offer and compare it to your current demand.

It would be as simple as taking a stroll in the park to select the greatest central vacuum powerhead from a wide assortment.

Top 10 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead Review 2021

Here are some critical elements to consider when shopping for a powerhead that will work with your central vacuum system to help you make the best possible choice.

01. HP Turbocat Powered Driven Air

Highlighted Features & Details

The air-driven turbocat works with every type of vacuuming setup. The term “air-driven” refers to the fact that this particular head is powered by suction and airflow.

It has a spinning brush roll inside, making it ideal for carpeted areas. It has a sleek design and an easy-to-use setup method. Also, because the spinning brushes and suction get the job done, it’s always a good pick.

Unique Build

Many thanks to this brush type. It is always a fantastic choice for smooth surfaces with a carpet, as it will clean such floors incredibly well, leaving them with that extra lustre.

The TurboCat, on the other hand, is not designed for dense, rough carpet piles. On the other hand, this powerhead may be used with any central vacuum system, making it highly adaptable.


  • Ideal for carpeted surfaces
  • Air-powered
  • Works with every type of vacuuming setup


  • Unadjustable
  • Unsuitable for heavy heaps

02. Cen-Tec VacufloTurbocat Central Vacuum Air

Highlighted Features & Details

Has a unique design. This tool is an excellent pick for cleaning tight spaces. Its design makes it ideal for clearing the corners of seats since its shape allows it to get up and personal with the debris.

It’s also a high-performance tool since it’s wrapped around the edges in a gentle wrap, regardless of the carpet’s texture; this piece gets the job done.


One of the many remarkable characteristics of the TurboCat TP-210 is that it requires no extra batteries, energy, or power cables.

The addition of a superior brush roller improves airflow and dirt pickup, making this instrument highly effective in cleaning.


  • Does not need additional power
  • Very compatible
  • Touches the floor constantly
  • Improved flow of air
  • Precise and easily controlled


  • Is quite noisy

03. Zoom TurboCat Powerhead (Vacuflo)

Highlighted Features & Details

This powerhead is compatible with the majority of well-known brands. The Zoom TurboCat’s design ensures optimal contact with objects while also allowing for increased airflow.

The increased airflow leads to increased vacuum power, resulting in cleaner, shinier floors.

Amped turbines

Because it is constantly in contact with the floor, it is sure to pick up every last speck of dirt, especially with the help of its high-performance turbines. The Vacuflo zoom TurboCat ensures that no area is left unclean.

High suction rate

This platinum construction relies entirely on your central vacuum, so no external power sources or batteries are required.

This air turbine’s performance is relatively high; with very high air turbines, this powerhead sucks in air at very high rates.

And it is continually in contact with the floor’s surface, allowing it to pick up every single piece of dirt and do a fantastic job, ensuring that your living place is dirt-free


  • Requires no additional electricity
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Constantly touches the ground
  • Increased airflow
  • High-capacity turbine


  • Must be handled with caution.

04. Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power Brush

Highlighted Features & Details

Thanks to the CT700 Deluxe, Broan-NuTone electrically powered brush, your floors will be immaculate in no time.

With the help of its decisive meeting, you can save time and energy while also extending the life of your carpet.

You can effortlessly take charge and properly clean your rugs and carpets with nylon brushes and a motor-controlled spinning bar.

Adjustment pedal

Another fantastic feature is a pedal that is used to lower or raise the device’s height. This nifty feature is handy for accessing hard-to-reach areas such as under beds, chairs, and even cleaning curtain sheets.

Its mobility is optimized by an in-built control mechanism, allowing it to handle turns and twists smoothly. This vacuum also includes full-width LED lights to maximize visibility—no piecing required.

Sturdy build

The CT700 Deluxe, Broan-NuTone power brush may be set up with the following hoses: CH620, CH615, CH520, or CH515 sequentially, and it can move across different types of the floor with ease thanks to its rubber-coated wheels.

With this fantastic power brush, your home will be cleaner than ever before!


  • Excellent compatibility
  • LED lights built-in
  • It is simple to alter
  • Simple controls and motions


  • Excessive volume
  • Only works with specific hoses

05. Wessel Werk EBK 360 Power Nozzle

Highlighted Features & Details

You’re certainly getting one of the finest possible qualities, thanks to the product’s superb construction.

Wessel Werk is modifiable up to 5 times, and its rapid neck and wand release provides unmatched convenience and thorough cleaning.

Bright lights

Unlike essential headlights, the very bright LED light on this powerhead doesn’t only last longer; it conserves energy as well.

So you can clean better and more effectively, thanks to the bright and long-lasting headlights illuminating your path.

EBK 360, Wessel Werk consists of non-abrasive wheels, which always come in handy, not just for use on carpets, on bare floors as well.

The cleaning ability is awe-inspiring, power-packed with all that’s needed to get every piece of dirt off the ground.


  • Bright LED Headlights
  • Non-abrasive rubber wheels
  • Coordinated wands


  • It can be very noisy

06. Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Nozzle

Highlighted Features & Details

The electric Powerhead Nozzle has a headlight, viewing window, and is also very durable. This particular powerhead is part of the very few recent powerheads with the on and off in-built switch feature.

A switch is not part of most powerheads, as they are dependent on the hose for an on/off button.

Solid build

Are you looking for a unique Powerhead? Well, this is a perfect choice. This 13-inch wide PB11 powerhead has a roller brush made out of steel, really bright lights at the forefront, an off/on switch, a durable drive belt, and a brush view window.

Two electrical connectors are at the end of its 37″ long electrical cord. With large tires constructed to enable its smooth movement over any surface. Automatic height adjustment is also possible.

Lighting &view window

Headlight and the view window also helps amplify the viewing angle. There’s an electronic reset button there to safeguard the motor and bumpers that protect the board bases.


  • Bright headlights
  • Very durable
  • On & off built-in switch
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Brush view window
  • It does not require batteries


  • Requires electricity to function

07. TurboCat Air Powered Central Vacuum

Highlighted Features & Details

Being lightweight and highly convenient is one of the numerous features of this turbine Powerhead driven by air.

By simply harnessing airflow from the central vacuum system, the TurboCat performs exceedingly well when cleaning up spaces thoroughly.


Honestly, it is very light in weight, primarily since it does not depend on any external source to power it on.

It always manages to get the best results, leaving your floors shiner than ever using the natural air it gets from the central vacuum system. However, it’s not heavy and can be controlled and directed easily.

Thus its sleek body, along with optimum-performance bumpers for impact, helps guard it, making it an ideal choice for picking up dirt under chairs, tables, etc.


There’s no need for additional batteries, electricity, or power cables for this product. A system indicator also keeps track of its performance and alerts the user whenever the TurboCat is not performing correctly.

The brush component of this electric powerhead will spin without stopping, even if there is no dirt to clean up.

Its dual cleaning technology also reveals buried debris, allowing the vacuum to pick it up. There is adequate power in the void with high-speed powered turbines revolving at a very high speed, resulting in an impeccably clean output.


  • No extra batteries are required
  • No additional electricity is required
  • Double-cleaning method
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Powerful air turbines


  • It makes a lot of noise

08. Ultra Clean Advanced Electric Powerhead

Highlighted Features & Details

You receive deep cleaning of the most excellent quality with the 14-inch broad extreme cleaning powerhead.

The height of the extreme cleaning powerhead may be adjusted up to 6 times in different positions, giving you a more diverse and convenient cleaning experience.

Deep clean

Rubber wheels lie beneath it, which are non-abrasive. It’s a fantastic choice not just for carpets but also for floors.

Dirt sensors are built-in, so you’ll know when the area you’re cleaning is clean. Owing to the potency of its Chevron-constructed brush, cleaning performance is at an all-time high.

When a circuit protector detects an anomaly in the amount of power entering this device, it automatically turns it off.

For example, when its roller brush makes touch with something it isn’t supposed to, or when it picks up a large object.

High capacity

The circuit protection feature on this powerhead is a fantastic addition because it immediately tells you when something is wrong; now you are aware, and your powerhead and Central system are both protected.

There’s also a reset button that can be pressed whenever you want. A cover for safeguarding the cord, a bracket for managing the cable, and an aluminum ratchet wand are included.


  • Six height settings
  • Four non-abrasive wheels
  • Cord brackets and protection
  • Built-in dirt indications
  • Built-in circuit protector


  • There are none

09. Electrolux Central Vacuum

Highlighted Features & Details

The Silent Clean is one of the quietest electrical powerheads available. All noises around you will be audible while using this powerhead.

That’s how silent it is! With a high-quality height cleaning level adjustment that can alternate between high, medium, and low, this machine can completely clean any type of carpet.

A broad 14″ brush is included as well, which cleans any surface nicely.

Illuminating feature

The super LED lighting component increases vision, especially in low-light settings. It assists you in cleaning dark places more effectively—light with a longer life span than a halogen bulb.

With a V-belt construction, this drive is designed to be neutral. Its long-lasting quality, totally gets rid of having to replace it regularly.

A circuit breaker indication is included in this device, which protects the cog belt and engine from any unintended harm that may occur when a large object is inadvertently picked up.


  • Fuse box indicator
  • Vibrant Fluorescent fixtures
  • Quiet operation
  • Three-way height adjustment
  • Three cleaning intensity levels


  • Only compatible with Electrolux appliances
  • Does not include wands

10. Beam Q100 Electric Powerhead

Highlighted Features & Details

The Q100 Beam is at the top of the list for one of the highest quality beams available. With a four-cornered design, it is tranquil.

Unfortunately, this powerhead has a limited range of applications and can only be used with the 50814 ultra Beam pipe or the Beam 2G (050931) electrical pipe.

Maxed-out cleaning

You can expect maximum cleaning when using the powerhead. It has a three-level carpet-cleaning technique mode and an indication that appears whenever a specific height level is selected.

Because of its rotating neck, it can easily fit into tight spaces.

Rugged All-rounder

The amazing powerhead also has LED headlights, making cleaning a lot simpler because you can see correctly due to the bright lights.

The powerhead of the Q100 Beam (poly V5) is exceptionally robust and seldom has to be replaced.

When any unusual item hinders the powerhead’s brush, an automated shutdown function turns it off.


  • Extremely silent
  • Spinning neck for easy mobility
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Very brilliant LED lights
  • Adjustable flooring position
  • Very sturdy


  • Limited connectivity options

Buying Consideration for the Best Central VAC Powerhead

While shopping for the most OK central vacuum, take note of the following. If you’re looking for quality and long-term usage, you’ll want to make sure you spend your money on nothing less than the greatest.

The quality of your central vacuum powerhead determines the result and neatness of your living environment.

Having a top-of-the-line vacuum and matching it with a subpar central vacuum powerhead can result in unsatisfactory results, as you simply will not be able to get the optimum efficiency you seek.

It’s also scary not to have a central vacuum powerhead since you can’t clean without it.

The primary purpose of a central vacuum powerhead is to remove dust and other types of debris from your floor. If you want your grounds to be immaculate, you should get the greatest central vacuum powerhead.

Air Turbines or Electrical Powerheads

To begin, decide whether you want an electric powerhead or an air turbine. These two elements have distinct features and thus are appropriate for various vacuums and surface types. As a result, you must consider this.

It’s a lot easier to make this selection, with the thought of your precise need at the back of your mind.

Knowing what sort of floor you have and where and what you want to use the product can help you select the right purchase for your flooring.

Type of Floor

Certain powerheads would perform poorly on certain types of floors. For this reason, one of your very first considerations should be what type of floor your powerhead would be cleaning.

For thorough floors, make sure to pick a powerhead that can handle such surfaces. Going for a powerhead that performs well with different surfaces is always an excellent choice, as long as you can afford to buy it.

Also, an electric powerhead would be ideal for the thick of tender carpets, while air turbine powerheads would be perfect for a thin or hard carpet.

Compatible or Not

Also, bear in mind that certain powerheads do not work with certain vacuums. Before purchasing any powerhead, ensure it is compatible with the vacuum you already have installed.

If you fail to do so, you may be stuck with a powerhead that does not match your vacuum. Bear in mind that powerheads with a lower compatibility rate are cheaper than those with higher compatibility.

Area to be Cleaned

Most folks rarely consider this factor while searching for the most suitable central vacuum powerhead. But, the area to be cleaned is one of the important aspects to watch out for.

Choose a powerhead with a broad head to help clean wide spaces so much easier and faster.

And if you’d need to rid constricting spaces of dirt, you should opt for a bit of build, as it can get into tight areas more accessible. By making the right choice, you’re making your work a whole lot easier.

Option for Height Adjustment

Most top-notch powerheads come with the feature for making height adjustments. This feature helps optimize the powerhead’s usage, allowing it to perform better on different surface types.

Don’t forget to go for a powerhead with this feature, as it would make cleaning a whole lot easier.

You can switch between height options, which would help you get more effective cleaning intensities depending on your type of carpet or floor.

Other Features

In this case, we’re referring to a couple of other features that bring you advanced comfort when using your vacuum system, and in, turn leading to better results. Some of these features are:

Lights – Not all powerheads have this feature, but those who help brighten up the ground area where the powerhead is.

Resulting in a better and more accurate clean because the light helps to illuminate your path correctly, especially when cleaning in the dark. Making you see and pick up dirt so much easier.

Dirt sensors – not all powerheads have this feature, but it is a big plus for those who do.

You can rest assured you’ve done an excellent job, especially when your dirt sensor doesn’t pick up any more dirt components.

On/off switch and reset button – this feature is not part of many products, and well, it all comes down to your preference. Is this something you might prefer? Get it then!

But keep in mind that this feature is not necessary -powerheads without this switch also get the job done.

Automated shutdown — you won’t have to bother about changing your powerhead all of the time, especially if it becomes broken.

The autonomous shutdown function ensures that the longevity of your powerhead is protected, and it does so by shutting it off whenever it detects a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Central Vacuum Powerhead

Which central vacuum is the most powerful?

That is dependent on the kind, usage, and attributes of the item. Several types of central vacuums are available, each of which does the same task in a different method.

As a result, the solution to this question remains a mystery.

Can you tell me if central vacuum powerheads are generally applicable?

Yes and no. Some vacuum systems are compatible with powerheads, while others are not. As a result, it is entirely dependent on the product you select.

Some goods have a universal feature, which means they operate with any vacuum system at any time, while others are picky and only work with specific vacuum systems.

Universal powerheads are typically more costly, but keep in mind that you don’t have to worry about brand differences or anything like that.

So, would you consider spending a little additional money on a universal powerhead?

Do Central Vacuums Make Sense?

Central vacuums provide a slew of advantages, including powerful suction for thorough cleaning, while also safeguarding the air quality in your house.

Central vacuum systems are expensive to install, let alone maintain. But, in the end, if you can buy one, or if you want the most outstanding air quality in your house, coupled with the comfort that accompanies it, then sure!

This cleaning system would account for every penny spent.

Sweeping is inconvenient and ineffective; therefore, central vacuums are a better option. Sweeping collects dust, which rises into the air and contributes to pollution.

Central vacuums eliminate this problem. Vacuuming your floors has never been simpler or quicker.

Is it possible to install a central vacuum after the apartment has been built?

Installing a central vacuum system when building a home is relatively straightforward, but what about people who’ve already finished their houses and want one set up?

The answer is yes! Just go through various central vacuums, choose which one best matches your needs, then pay to have it installed.

Installing a central vacuum in your house is a move you will not regret, as it provides several benefits that will make your life considerably more straightforward.

Is it true that all central vacuum inlets are the same?

Excluding some out of the picture, each intake seems to have low power, while others have 110 volts, but many do not.

Inlet spare parts are inaccessible; however, replace the whole wall plate. As a result, the appropriate response is no.

Is it true that central vacuums are far more compelling?

Regularly, the technology underlying portable vacuums evolve, making them more expensive.

As a result, the prices of portable vacuums and central vacuums are becoming increasingly similar. Central vacuums are a more efficient and practical cleaning solution for households.

A central vacuum system has many advantages, which include:

Pleasantness – Vacuum systems eliminate the need to lug a piece of heavy equipment throughout your house, including up and down the stairs. There are no cables to tangle up your legs, and powered brushes may be placed anywhere you wish.

Particles and dust are evacuated from your house through the walls, resulting in cleaner air. You won’t be bothered about stale air being all around the living area.

Central vacuums are four to ten times more potent than our standard vaccination because the power unit was not designed to be carried about. Resulting in being a way better option asides other vacuum cleaners.

Tranquility – Usually, regular vacuum cleaners make a lot more noise. The central vacuum system, on the other hand, is significantly quieter and makes far less noise.

Significance – Investing in any item that will be in your home for a long time should, in the end, increase the value of your property if you ever decide to sell.

You may install a central vacuum system in any home, whether already built or under construction.

Is it possible to swap out central vacuum powerheads?

The bulk of the components are interchangeable, especially since there are various components from various multipliers.

What is the best way to fix a central vacuum system?

Multiple bits form a whole. The vacuum is joined to each room by outlets, and many additional segments make up the central vacuum system. The motor component is placed in the garage or any other prominent place.

Having a faulty system is not good. So whenever you think there’s something wrong, you should do the following before calling a technician to service it.

  • If the suction has been decreased, remove all dirt from the dust canisters. If you don’t tighten all of the locks, the canister won’t generate a vacuum. A brilliant suggestion is cleaning the filter. Ensure every component is spotless.
  • Verify that no attachments are banned. Examine the carpet belt around the extensions, and change it, if damaged.

Check for clogs in the hose, particularly if the vacuum isn’t vacuuming correctly. Remove attachments from the opposite side, and place a dry hose between the hose and anything stuck inside to clear it out.

  • Turn on the vacuum and insert tissue into the hose to see whether there’s a clog. Turn off the machine and take a look inside. The hose is free if the tissue is down the canister.
  • unclog a blocked pipe by using a conventional suction hose to pull the blockage out.
  • Double-check the outlets, including the pipe connections, to ensure that everything is in working order. Consult a professional if there are evidence of burnt or damaged wires.
  • When your system won’t power on, press and hold the reset button. Alternatively, ensure sure the box breaker is powered up.
  • Seek professional help if your vacuum’s turbine does not turn off.

Central vacuums are more transportable and generate more power, providing you with higher efficiency and a competitive edge in your home or office.

cost to install a Central Vacuum?

The approximate cost of installing a central vacuum system in the United States is between $900 and $3,600. In a 2,000 square foot home, most people pay approximately $2,000 to install a central vacuum filtration system.

On the lesser end, installing a vacuum system in a freshly constructed home might cost around $700.

How often do cleaning systems need cleansing?

Purge your central vacuum system every three months at the very least. You may continue to use your main vacuum, and after three months of constant use, you will only need to empty it once.

Unlike the vacuum cleaners we’re accustomed to, central vacuums are highly flexible and long-lasting and were designed to remove any needless effort.

Here are a few other things you should consider:

Do I need a Powerhead?

Central vacuums are remarkably efficient by nature, but they can clean much better with the proper powerhead. When we say “powerhead,” the “power” in this context refers to the sliding brush that is included in the head.

This brush offers a more thorough clean thanks to its strong spinning motion, and some models have non-abrasive wheels for cleaning rigid surfaces.

So, if you have a central vacuum system, you should surely take your time while looking for the best powerhead for a central vacuum.

Final Words

Choosing between tons of very similar products have just been made a whole lot easier. In this article, we’ve walked you through some of the best central vacuum powerheads, but keep in mind that you need a hose as well.

So, are you looking for the most suitable power nozzle for your central vacuum? Then you’re in luck! 

Our carefully hand-picked selection of the best powerheads available will guide you through all you need to know so that you can make the right decision.

You can now step into the market feeling confident and well-informed to make the best possible choice. Make sure to put our tips and tricks into practice, and you’ll have a “perfect” central vacuum system set up and running in no time!

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