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Top 10 Best Anemometer for HVAC Review with FAQs [Choose the Perfect One]

An Anemometer helps measure the wind speed and temperature value. Finding the best anemometer for HVAC is essential to make life easier.

The anemometer is for broad applications. However, it ranges from HVAC home use, paragliding, sailing, kite surfing, drone flying, storm chasing, ballooning, kite flying, athletics, golf, etc.

The Handheld Anemometer gives a general idea of the outside weather to those having plans for outdoor activities. Using the anemometer for home use is possible to suit as a free weather station.

In agriculture, you get to know the wind speed, and with construction cranes, accessing wind is a must. Even to solve the venting systems and air conditioning problems, you need an anemometer for HVAC.

Best Handheld Anemometer

Photo Title Buy
BTMETER BT-100 Handheld...image BTMETER BT-100 Handheld Anemometer, Digital Wind Speed CFM Meter Gauge Air Flow Velocity Tester for HVAC Shooting Drone, Wind Chill, 14℉-113℉ Wind Temperature Buy On Amazon
Amgaze Anemometer Handheld,...image Amgaze Anemometer Handheld, Digital LCD Backlight Wind Speed Meter Gauge, Light Weight Air Flow Velocity Measurement Thermometer for Meteorology, Windsurfing, Kite Flying, Sailboats, Surfing,Fishing Buy On Amazon
Digital Anemometer Barometer...image Digital Anemometer Barometer Handheld Anemometer, Wind Speed Meter for Wind Speed/Temperature with Wind Chill & Relative Humidity, Altitude, Barometric Pressure measure for HVAC CFM Shooting -AP-007WM Buy On Amazon
Anemometer Handheld -...image Anemometer Handheld - BTMETER BT-816B Digital Wind Speed Meter Gauge with Thermometer Temperature Backlit for HVAC CFM Shooting Drone, High Precision Accuracy +/- 5% 2℃ Buy On Amazon
HOLDPEAK HP-856A Pro...image HOLDPEAK HP-856A Pro Anemometer Handheld CFM Meter for HVAC,Air Flow Area Setting,Air Velocity,Temperature,Wind Speed Meter with Back Light,Data Hold and USB Connect to Your Computer Buy On Amazon
Kestrel 1000 Pocket...image Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter / Digital Anemometer Buy On Amazon
BTMETER BT-846A Pro...image BTMETER BT-846A Pro HVAC Anemometer Measures Wind Speed Wind Flow Wind Temperature CFM Air Flow Velocity Meter with Backlight MAX MIN AVG Buy On Amazon
HVAC Anemometer Handheld...image HVAC Anemometer Handheld CFM Pro HVAC Anemometer AP-846A Wind Speed Meter with Backlight Max/Min/Avg Functions for Measuring Wind Speed Air Velocity HVAC Air Flow Meter Buy On Amazon
Digital Anemometer,Handheld Wind...image Digital Anemometer,Handheld Wind Speed Meter,Airflow Gauge Measures Air Temperature (℃/℉) Velocity for HVAC CFM with Wind Chill Backlight (ANNMETER AN-100) Buy On Amazon
BTMETER BT-866A Pro...image BTMETER BT-866A Pro Handheld HVAC Anemometer for CFM Air Flow, Wind Speed Meter Gauge Measures Wind Velocity Temp %RH Dew Point with USB Sync to PC Buy On Amazon


The 10 Best Anemometer for HVAC Review 2021

It helps to diagnose HVAC’s common symptoms. Using a handheld device, spotting them is easy.

Here is a list of the best HVAC meters available. You can put an end to your dilemma by going through these options and choose that meets your expectations, budget, application, and preference

 01. BT-100APP by BTMETER – Ideal for Sports

Highlighted Features & Details


One of the great works from BTMETER is BT-100APP. This device offers information about humidity, wind flow, and temperature.

It is an important device to be taken while you are out for sports activities such as boat sailing, drone fling, archery, mountaineering, kite flying, cycling, etc.

Wireless Bluetooth

BT-100APP features easy to connect wireless Bluetooth with iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc. It is lightweight that it facilitates carrying with ease anywhere. 

Valuable companion

BT-100APP has good anemometer reviews for being an outdoor companion. It is of value as it displays the wind chill, temperature, and wind speed on the LCD screen.

It also features a backlight. Fahrenheit temperature scales and Celsius are available that many also use for agriculture.

Tripod Hole

The advantage is the mounting feature. There is a tripod hole on the digital anemometer bottom, and it facilitates fixing a tripod to it.

You can enjoy free hands while shooting long distances, quads, helicopters, wings, planes, or flying drones.

Convenient to use

Hence, the convenience of use relates to the ease that the gadget offers. It has auto and manual power off options and allows seeing clearly in the dark as it features a backlight screen.

The convenience is that you can start the wind tester immediately on receiving it, as the package consists of 2×1.5V AAA batteries coming as inclusive. 

Case included

BT-100APP is portable as it is lightweight. The best part is the pocket size making it suitable for the entire family activities anytime they go outside for boat sailing, shooting, drone driving, climbing, kite flying, etc.


  • High accuracy
  • Auto power off
  • Portable and lightweight
  • High-quality backlight
  • Clear digital display


  • Poor fan quality

 02. Amgaze AM816 – Light Weight Handheld Anemometer

Highlighted Features & Details

Great for outdoor

Amgaze AM816 is ideal for shooting, hand gliding, fan manufacturing, hiking and is suitable for educational activities. It is the best anemometer for outdoors as the weight is 2.24 ounces only, making the device appropriate to use anytime, anywhere.


AM816 reads the humidity, speed, wind chill and also informs the temperature on-spot. Though it is small in size, it offers all the information to users.

The advantage is all the information is available in one LCD, and there are 5 measuring units for the wind speed namely, km/h, m/s, knots, ft/min, and mph. 

Precision sensor

This handheld anemometer is considered very useful as it has a high precision sensor. It is the best anemometer for HVAC and is appropriate for people looking for rough outdoor activities and conditions.

Using AM816, one can enjoy the outdoor experience to the fullest as it works as the perfect companion. 

Great price tool

AM816 is available at a great price and works well. It has more functions than expected and also surpasses other anemometers.

The high precision sensor is at, accuracy ±5%, 3 modes are shown such as average, maximum, and the current wind speed.

The temperature display is in °C/°F, while there is a backlight facilitating LCD. The best part is the facility of reading with ease outdoors.

Extensive application

Amgaze AM816 allows checking temperature wind chill and speed in no time, ensuring it is perfect for external activities.

It is suitable for HVAC duct airflow and manufacturing of fans, besides being appropriate for educational instruments. Thus it responds fast to air movement changes, and as it is easy to use, the users always stay informed of the changes outside.


  • Simple to use
  • Less power consumption
  • Convenience of handling
  • Features protective cover
  • Suitable for rough conditions outdoor


  • Response Time and low quality

 03. AOPUTTRIVER AP-007WM – Multifunction and accurate

Highlighted Features & Details

Multifunction anemometer

AP-007WM is a multifunction anemometer that allows extracting data. It combines altitude, dew point, wind humidity, wind temperature, and barometer indicator.

It measures temperature, wind speed, and airflow while the data gets collected in the vane wand from its high-velocity sensors.

Portable case

Carrying the anemometer is possible as it features a portable case. It is one of the cheap anemometers that facilitate ease of carrying. 

Logs group data

AP-007WM anemometer logs the data of 16 groups. On pressing the ‘Baro’ button for 3-seconds you can see the data before you measure.

It is convenient for the recorded data analysis, and it measures atmospheric pressure ranging from 0 – 6000m. Moreover, it displays numbers in measurements or units.

Pushing a button is enough to view the number of meters per hour/second, feet per minute, kilometers per hour, and knots. 

Long battery life

The device automatically or manually can be turned off when the operations are not required or detected. Thus, the user can save on battery life and enjoy prolonged battery life.

Besides, there is the indicator showing low power, and it eases off the inaccuracy worries and helps reading the numbers displayed even at low battery levels. 

A complete package

This package comes as all-inclusive such that it has the Barometer anemometer AP-007WM, 1’ Tripod, AAA 2×1.5V batteries, 1 Lanyard, 1 Protect case, and Worry-free shopping. It also features a screwdriver helping in opening the battery compartment.

The right investment

It is the perfect tool to test wind speed and reduce drift work before spraying chemicals. Though the settings have to be reset each time, it is the best anemometer as its reading is pretty accurate. 


  • Manual or automatic power off
  • Backlight features allow large display
  • Measures wind speed, airflow, and temperature


  • The instructions are less comprehensive

04. Anemometer Handheld – Value for money

Highlighted Features & Details

Good value

The unit costs few dollars and is approvingly accurate. It is a small and handy unit featuring readable directions. There is no need to look for larger batteries, such as two AA or 9 volts, even on upgrading to larger units.

Provides shock protection

The anemometer temperature thermometer is an affordable device that helps to balance the airflow from the heating vents at home.

Fortunately, the meter comes with a red rubber cover offering shock protection. The battery cover underneath is very safe, and it takes to peel the rubber cover off the device to see the battery.

Set + Mode buttons

The buttons featuring Set + Mode buttons facilitate auto/ manual power off buttons to turn the wind meter off. The auto power goes off after 14 minutes when there is no operation.

Even when the ambient light is dark, pressing any key can help to turn on the backlight or automatically turning off within 12 seconds.

Battery installation

The installation of the CR2032 battery is easy. The back cover has an O ring featuring it as waterproof. It is easy to install.

Only screw the batteries cover such that the convex and concave points coincide, and it is easy to rotate clockwise. The windspeed windmeter features a red rubber protector case to protect the wind gauge and to look good.

It comes with an attached string to the vane anemometer bottom part that placing another hand to the end ensures the wind gauge is safe, does not slip.

Small and light

This anemometer is lightweight and small. It is perfect for sailing, windsurfing, and kite flying. Using this best handheld anemometer is helpful for home purposes and industries.

Measure temperature and speed of air conditioners, CPU computer fans, or airflow over the walls or roof.


  • Affordable anemometer
  • Easy to use
  • Nice gadget
  • Value for money
  • Compact unit


  • Mode changing cumbersome

05. Holdpeak HP-856A- Versatile Display

Highlighted Features & Details

Displays variables

Holdpeak HP-856A displays numbers and variables in 5 units. It includes kilometers per hour, minutes per second, knots, feet per minute, and miles per hour.

HP-856A gives speed count accuracy and wind detection while offering versatile information display. The temperature recording is Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the wind flow data is in CMM or CFM.

Highly sensitive propellers

The vane wand has sensitive propellers that measure wind flow, temperature, and speed. It makes 600 group readings with ease and also creates graphic presentations that are helpful for future use. 

Storing features

Moreover, the best part of HP-856A is that it has storage ability. It analyzes data using a personal computer through a USB connection.

The cable stretches reach the HVAC vents that are in higher locations. HoldPeak as a handheld anemometer makes an ideal choice as the best HVAC meters offering convenient features.

Power off auto/manual

The display part features the indication of a low battery. Thus, the worry about the low battery is not a worry.

There are no inaccurate readings, nor does the battery low-levels mess up with number display, etc. The auto and manual power off takes care of the battery operations.

The display option is through the Unit button allowing the metrics to change depending on the comfort and ease of the user.

Comprehensive manual

The advantage is that the package features a complete manual elucidating the comprehendible characteristics.

People not familiar with the best handheld anemometer variety can also use this produce conveniently as the user manual has all the essential information.


  • Backlight allows easy reading
  • Holds data, connecting via USB
  • Three functions wind flow, speed, and temperature
  • Measures air temperature, velocity, and speed


  • Not waterproof

 06. Kestrel Anemometer- Accurate Measurement

Highlighted Features & Details

Outdoor friend

Anyone going for outdoor activities will find Kestrel digital anemometer suitable as an outdoor friend. If you fear cold or extreme temperatures and are scared of hypothermia or frostbite, you can stay now without fear.

This tool, the Kestrel anemometer, quickly measures the wind speed and air temperature outside. It displays the chill temperature of the wind.

It has a ton of functionality, and the advantage is its size which is almost similar to a cellphone.


Kestrel digital anemometer allows measuring conveniently. Thus measuring the wind chill temperature display helps in taking well-informed action.

You need not suffer or bear the pain unnecessarily. People participating in paragliding, hiking, ballooning, etc, or other rough activities outside need this tool for safety.

Though this tool is simple, it offers accurate reading. The overall measurement and display are clear enough to read, serving the right purpose.

Features protection

Kestrel digital anemometer includes a neck lanyard, slip-on cover, and CR2032 coin battery. It is dust and water-resistant that features drop-tested military-grade.

The others have plenty of bells and whistles, while the most critical point is the fan bearings to show accuracy, and Kestrel is accurate.

Excellent battery

This anemometer is helpful for sailing, windsurfing, boating, para-sports, aviation, and more. As it is water-resistant, measuring the water and snow temperature is possible.

The battery is excellent as it goes on for over 300 hours. 

Rugged style

Kestrel anemometer is known for its ruggedness, but it is simple to use and reliable. The overall measurement functions and display are not fancies, and they easily meet the requirements as rugged.

It is a handheld device featuring a replaceable impeller, and it is large, ensuring an accurate air/wind flow meter.


  • Measure the wind-chill
  • Gives essential measurements
  • Stay safe in cold temperatures 
  • Accurate reading


  • Altitude is not measured

 07. BTmeter BT-846A- User-Friendly 

Highlighted Features & Details

Lengthy cable

BT-846A is a digital handheld device featuring a long USB cable. It stretches up and reaches even higher locations of the HVAC vent. It stretches up to 79 inches, that reaching most places is possible.


BT-846A anemometer features a tripod mounting hole, and it enables to read hands-free. There is the advantage of shooting or trying a drone while the anemometer is perched safely on the tripod.


It has user-friendly features, and it is apparent as reading the recording easily possible while testing the AC balancing or even the dust collection system.

It also features the LCD as the backlit, and it assists in reading the wind changes with ease. The 5 units offer ease of reading and it includes feet per minute, kilometers per hour, miles per second, miles per hour, and knots.

The readings are flexible as it offers the minimum, maximum, and current display.

Power Indicator

The feature of the low power indicator reminds the battery level. There is no need to worry about getting readings inaccurate or relating to postponing diagnosis because of low battery.

Fortunately, there is the shut-down feature as manual or auto. As it notices no operations for 5 minutes, it goes off. Thus, the battery is saved, and the usable lifetime of the device extends.

The low power indicator also is a beautiful addition that reminds the user of its battery level. Thus, there is no possibility of missing out on the battery life.


BT-846A, the digital handheld device receives data from the sensors, and it displays the units, counts, and other important information. It is one of the best HVAC meters that is easy to carry around use with its portable case.


  • Backlight feature to display numbers
  • Vane wand stretches to 79 inches
  • Records 60 group readings
  • Displays minimum, maximum, and average variables


  • No inclusion of computer software for data storage and transfer

08. HVAC Anemometer AP-846A – Affordable and Reliable

Highlighted Features & Details

Useful features

The display of AP-846A is large featuring a backlight that facilitates easy reading. There is the data hold feature, besides the adjustable and stretchable blades.

It is one of the best weather monitors suitable for sailing, windsurfing, shooting, and flying.

Area setting

A key features the AREA setting, and it allows pressing it to set the area. The user can press the number keys to get into the new duct area. Then on confirming by pressing the enter button and the Unit key, you get to choose CMM or CFM. 

Battery saving

AP-846A has the battery saving feature as there is the manual and auto power-off feature. It gets off when there is no operation found after 5 minutes. Thus the battery stays active when you need it, saving power during non-operation hours.


AP-846A maintains the reputation of giving super accurate readings. The advantage is that it is precise. For instance, a weather enthusiast or hobbyist will find these accurate readings of less priority, but it matters a lot for other travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Reliable instrument

AP-846A offers appropriate readings and it helps professionals that they need not look further is suggested by anemometer reviews. It is a reliable instrument and is coming at a reasonable cost.

The build quality is good, and so is the customer service. It measures air humidity, temperature wind chill, temperature, and flow, making this device functionality the best.


  • Value for money spent
  • Ideal tool for HVAC
  • Fast shipping
  • Reliable mechanism to measure


  • Software is not going with Windows 10

09. ANNMETER AN-100 – Ultimate HVAC partner

Highlighted Features & Details

Great Product

Annmeter AN-100 determines the wind speed, temperature, and chill useful for HVAC at home and is immensely useful for outside activities. The device is the best anemometer for HVAC.

It also offers the confidence to move out or to take the next step. The wind blowing information is helpful for the agricultural spraying periods.

Several Applications

Annmeter AN-100 fulfills several applications. It features loads of functions such as the switchable units, measuring temperature and velocity accurately, wind chill indication, outdoor activities, maximum, minimum, and average measurement.

The applications also include weather prediction, boat sailing, drone flying, shooting, and fishing. 

Easy to use

AN-100 is the best to use. It keeps the return airflow also in check and helps in using and facilitates carrying around. It is suitable for all types of home HVAC installation, fields, duct vents maintenance, and CFM calculation.

Incessant support

The feature of fixing it on a tripod is helpful as it features a threaded hole. Thus during wind tests that take a long time, there is continuous support.

It means you need not keep checking at the anemometer. The manual or auto airspeed meter power off is an option facilitating the battery to run along for a longer time. 

Lightweight blades

This anemometer features lightweight even with 8 blades. It helps in rotating indoor and outdoor smoothly.

It allows keeping track of the average, maximum, minimum, and current breeze with the help of the wind volume reader in real-time.

Compact accuracy

Annmeter AN-100 is compact to fit the field bags. The advantage is its accuracy that allows people to make the right decision, whether it is on the field, construction site, or outdoor activity participation.

It offers the right wind direction.


  • Pretty good working system
  • Gives instant results
  • The related app works well
  • Can be set up on a tripod
  • The meter is easy to operate


  • The impeller is not balanced properly

10. BTMETER-BT-866A- Fully Comprehensive

Highlighted Features & Details

Display functions

The display functions of BTMETER BT-866A are in 5 different measurement units with wind speed. It includes kilometers per hour, minutes per second, knots, feet per minute, and miles per hour.

Therefore, the small propellers and the wind wheels are positioned on the digital display, and it facilitates easier and faster viewing. 


BTMETER BT-866A comes in pocket-size. It is a handheld device that is suitable to carry anywhere. However, this device does not feature any vane wand as an addition. 

As it is in the pocket

Size, it can be carried with ease in the pouch as it comes with this handheld device. Thus there is nothing to lose, nor the batteries or the cables. Everything is comfortably storable in the storage pouch. 

Easy data transfer

The facility of this best anemometer is it facilitates using USB. Thus, the log data gets transferred to a computer from the device. It features an installer CD to use the information and to store it safely.

Tripod feature

BTMETER BT-866A facilitates hands-free operation as it allows mounting the anemometer on a tripod. It means the device can be left, and it will continue its recording and reading measurements.

The user can pursue his or her activities, and the measurement work will keep going on steadily. 

Other features

However, the other features include displaying the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, while most display the wind flow number in CMM or CFM measurements.

The battery indicator indicates as the battery is low. At the same time, the screen gets lit, facilitating to see the dark areas, ensuring easier viewing.

Even, the instruction manual is complete with all the details; there is a screwdriver, pouch, a USB cable, and software installer CD. 


  • Pocket size device
  • Features backlit display
  • Enables data logging through USB
  • Tripod mounting feature
  • Complete package with instruction


  • Nothing specific

FAQs for the Best Anemometer for HVAC

What is the best anemometer?

The best anemometer is the handheld anemometer, as it offers everything in one device. It has all-integrated designs that are appropriate to fulfill your needs.

In case there is a requirement for higher or other readings, looking for specialized devices as per requirement.

What is an anemometer used for in HVAC?

An anemometer is commonly used for the installation of HVAC. Besides, it is a must for diagnostics, repairs, and optimization.

How accurate are anemometers?

The anemometers are accurate. However, for absolute accuracy, the device price may vary. The accuracy is between 1 to 5%, and it is always recommended to get devices offering the accuracy of 1%.

How do you measure CFM with an anemometer?

Measuring CFM with an anemometer refers to measure the width and length of the room. It is to multiply three measurements to determine the cubic footage of a room.

Multiply the room’s cubic volume by the number of times you wish the air to exchange in an hour or to turn over. Finally, divide the answer by 60 to get the CFM calculation.

What is a handheld anemometer?

A handheld anemometer is a helpful portable device that is useful to gauge the wind direction and speed.

It is available as cheap anemometers and as portable devices in weather stations that allow measuring barometric pressure. It also gives immediate weather forecasts.

What are the different types of anemometers?

The different types of Anemometer are Thermal anemometers, Vane anemometers, Temperature Profiling, and cup Anemometers/Thermal Anemometers with Velocity.

How do you test an anemometer?

Accuracy is about the actual weight in an anemometer. A device of high quality provides an accurate reading of the wind speed. It is ±0.5 m/s approximately.

However, it is crucial to understand that the environmental wind speed keeps changing at all times. It is also a must to go through anemometer reviews before arriving at a decision.

What are CFM and CMM?

  • CFM denotes Cubic Feet per MinuteIt measures the air volume in cubic feet as it moves each minute.
  • CMM denotes Cubic Meter per Minute as the measurement of airflow.

An anemometer is a testing instrument measuring air velocity, and it determines the average airspeed. It is multiplied by the duct area in square feet to know the airflow moving within the duct.

How much money does an anemometer cost?

Getting cheap anemometers featuring as handheld and portable is possible within $20. There are many sophisticated anemometers available and it also has plenty of additional sensors and features.

Such devices cost more dollars, maybe hundreds of dollars. A durable model or a model as all-around depends on the amount you wish to spend.

What is the difference between an anemometer and a wind vane?

An anemometer measures through small propellers the wind speed and a wind vane measures wind by pointing or facing the wind direction. Anemometers are available as portable devices and as handheld suitable to many.

Final Words

Anemometer is crucial for safety. Now that you get the best handheld anemometer fitting your pockets, it is of great assistance for anyone in snow, water, or outdoor enthusiast.

Venturing outside with your favorite pastimes is possible by having the right anemometer. Besides, having a top-rated anemometer is an excellent gift for boaters and sailors, a drone pilot or a sailor.

Most people are into different activities and an anemometer is a device that is hard to ignore. Thus, weighing the pros and cons before buying any model is essential.

It is a must to understand if it can endure harsh conditions. However, an anemometer is a perfect tool for an HVAC specialist or a novice handyman, as it allows taking good care of the venting systems and air-conditioning.

The above-included products allow measuring the HVAC’s wind flow, temperature, and speed. Take note of the best anemometer for HVAC, its features, and match your anemometer device to enjoy the best of your investment.

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