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I originally started this site to honor Artists and their work. What I got in return was a mixed bag of weirdness. Yes, there are many artists out there who don't mind their work being on here and whose permission I have gained to keep their work here, but there are many who see this as a commercial site and re-distribution of their work, and that is fair enough. I get it. I was also under the impression that by me purchasing Tubes, I was able to use their graphics for comments and they would get exposure for their artwork. But not everyone agrees on what is a 'commercial' site, and not everyone agrees on the use of Tubes.

I have been contacting artists whose work I have purchased as Tubes, and if they wish for me to remove their art I will do so. I am also trying to identify artists so I can contact them, ask for permission or remove the graphic. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. It's a long process and it will take some time.

I work full time, so as this is just a hobby, I am trying to do as much work here as I can. This means going through every single category and removing art work bit by bit. If you see your art here and I have not removed it or contacted you yet, please let me know by contacting me here. Let me know where the artwork is and I'll remove it immediately. Please keep in mind, emailing me the picture is not enough. You NEED to tell me where the graphic is: eg, in the Vampire Category, page 3, third graphic from top. I'm not going to go through the site trying to find some obscure picture, sorry. It's not me being disrespectful, it's just more efficient if you give me more information. You want the graphic removed, then tell me EXACTLY where it is. I'm not going to argue with you, nor will I give you a hard time and say "but I found it on photobucket so it's ok". I DO respect artists (even though there are some artists out there with shocking tempers who have no idea how to treat another human being). I've had it with being nice to artist with mental problems. You don't want me to display your art, I GET IT! Yelling at me doesn't make me go faster. I do NOT respect artists whose first reaction is to yell at me and insult me. I've been at the receiving end of some disgusting behavior that is worthy of a mental asylum - and I feel very sorry for these people because it's obvious they have severe emotional problems and don't know how to approach people in a diplomatic way. You want it removed, tell me where it is, and it's done. I won't argue with you and will do it as soon as I receive the email. However.....

If you yell at me, abuse me and insult me, I'm taking my chances now and we can go through the DMCA policy and a court of law if you like. I keep every single weird, wonderful and downright nasty, psychologically screwed up email I get and have been threatened with lawsuits that often it would make your head spin. And really, where does it get you? You look like a complete idiot ( I do spread the nasty ones via Facebook and email so people can see what kind of art these artists are painting). Be nice and it's done in a dash. But after the last email I received from one deranged artist (and THAT is all over facebook too), I will not be someone's verbal punching bag because they feel so insecure about themselves and their artwork. If you don't like that, then that is tough. I started this site with the best of intentions, believe it or not!. To the artists who do speak nicely, who have given me permission to use their art, to those who remained respectful while asking me to remove your art, I SALUTE you! That's the kind of stuff I also spread around Facebook and in emails, so people know that these artists are the ones who paint with the heart and it reflects in their attitude.

Leesha - Website Owner

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You can view his great artwork here.

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