If you are wanting to report a graphic violation (graphic used without permission), then please go here first. Read through that before contacting me, please.


If you require help with the use of graphics, please read through our HELP file first.


Please do not write to me and ask me for permission to use the graphics. I won't answer those emails anymore, sorry. I spend a lot of time answering emails when the answer is right here, so please do not waste your time or my time and contact me when the answer is right here! The reason for this is: I CANNOT give permission to others to use an artists' work. I pay for the use of a lot of the graphics on my site, and/or have written to the artist and asked permission to use the graphic. I cannot give permission on their behalf as I do not have that right. Please do not ask. If you're using the graphics for non profit purposes, that's usually okay (such as Facebook or other social networking sites), but please be aware, that there is a huge movement in copyright awareness, and many people are displaying the artists' names even when displaying them on social networking sites now.


Please do not write to me and ask me who the artist is. If it's not on the graphic itself, then I'm either in the process of a) identifying who the artist is so I can ask permission or b)will be removing the graphic from my site because I cannot find the artist or they have asked me to remove it. It's plain and simple: if the artist name is NOT on the graphic you like, then I cannot help you. I'm still going through the site and trying to find out who artists are, so I can add this information to the graphic.

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All graphics belong to their respective artists.

Image in the banner, is copyrighted to Keith Garvey for which I have a license to use.

You can view his great artwork here.

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