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Leesha's Blog

"After dark all cats are leopards." - Native American Proverb

I love cats. I love all animals, but cats I get along with very well. My very first cat was a black kitten called Troubles, as he would pull the Christmas tree down everyday. I've had a variety of cats ever since, and our last addition to the family was a 4 year old short black haired cat called Panther. We rescued him from the RSPCA. We went looking for a kitten that day, but there were none available. We hadn't discussed buying a fully grown male or female cat, but when we walked around to look at the cats, he greeted us with a big "meow" and rubbed up against the fence, inviting us into his life. He had already chosen us!

Panther was 4 years old when we first got him home, and he's been with us for 4 years and is still going strong! He never ceases to amaze me. The blessings, joy, and love he has brought into our lives can never be measured. He is our Familiar, our mate, and a very important part of our family. So, this page is dedicated to Panther. I still call him my baby boy, and he will always be that to me.

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