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Top 10 Best Micron Gauge Review [+ Buying Guides and FAQs]

Finding the best micron gauge can be easy with the following information. In particular, this is a tool that allows you to provide excellent maintenance to different systems.

A micron gauge can clean other refrigeration units or heat pumps.

Anyway, it is necessary to have a set of knowledge or experience to choose the best option.

Today, there is a wide variety of micro-meters commercially accessible. So novice users might feel a bit overwhelmed by this task.

Best Digital Micron Gauge

Photo Title Buy
CPS VG200: Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display Buy On Amazon
Fieldpiece SVG3 Digital Vacuum Gauge with Alarm Buy On Amazon
Supco VG64 Vacuum Gauge, Digital Display, 0-12000 microns Range, 10% Accuracy, 1/4" Male Flare Fitting Connection , Grey Buy On Amazon
Testo 552 I Digital Vacuum Gauge I Micron Gauge with Bluetooth Support Buy On Amazon
Fieldpiece SVG3 Digital Vacuum Gauge with Alarm Buy On Amazon
Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue with 1/4" Fitting Buy On Amazon
YELLOW JACKET 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4" Coupler Buy On Amazon
Measureman 2-1/2" dial, Digital Industrial Vacuum Gauge with 1/4"NPT Lower Mount, Stainless Steel case and Connection, -15psi, 1%,Battery Powered, with LED Light Buy On Amazon
TPI 605 Single Input Digital Vacuum Gauge, 5 Digit LCD, +/-10 percent Accuracy, 1 micron Resolution, 12000 to 15 micron Range Buy On Amazon
Yellow Jacket 69080 Digital LCD Vacuum Gauge Buy On Amazon

The 10 Best Micron Gauge Review 2021

That’s why here we have reviewed ten excellent micron gauges to start using today. Not only have we analyzed the best features of these ten options.

We have also responded to several of the commonly requested FAQs in this area. To reach the right choice, read on.

01. CPS VG200

Highlighted Features & Details

On many occasions, it is essential to have a high-precision map meter to obtain more adequate results. Many people agree that this option can be the best micron vacuum gauge.

It can offer an efficient feature set and an outstanding balance between cost and benefit. So let’s see why it could be the best digital micron gauge.

Excellent accuracy

To highlight the accuracy, we must take into account the calibration that has been incorporated in this vacuum gauge.

In this tool, the calibration has been implemented, taking into consideration the NIST standards. So this means that it is one of the most reliable and accurate documents that can provide the most accurate results.

Also, it is important to take into account the various types of units chosen with this vacuum gauge. In this case, the user will choose between mBar, in / hg, torr, or microns.

While some users will not use all of these units, it is still a highly versatile tool depending on the needs of automotive mechanics or other experts.

User-friendly design

We can highlight the design as another of its best qualities, detecting the advanced sensor with a self-heating thermistor bridge.

The automatic temperature compensation complements this feature. All this provides a continuous digital readout on an LCD during any evacuation procedure. Each result obtained can be read in 5 digits.

Robust Structure

Along with the efficiency level that this tool can offer, it is also highly remarkable that it is straightforward to clean. Withstanding 400 psi of positive pressure for the cleaning sensor in the field is possible.

So this facilitates the procedure to apply complete and proper maintenance on this tool. 

This allows anyone to check that an installation or repaired system is entirely free of contaminants. It is even easier to avoid costly repairs in the future.

In total, a measurement of over 29 inches of vacuum can be obtained. 


  • Dynamic five-digit readout
  • A good number of selectable units
  • Easy to clean tool


  • A tool with an intermediate lifespan 

02. Fieldpiece SVG3

Highlighted Features & Details

On this occasion, we can describe the best micron gauge HVAC according to the opinion of many experts. On many occasions, it is a fundamental tool that allows us to obtain accurate and precise measurements.

At the same time, it is one of the complete tools that HVACR professionals can count on.

Efficiency levels

Among the best aspects that this digital vacuum gauge and vacuum meter can offer is its micron range. Its range can reach up to 9999 microns, offering a large spectrum of functions.

At the same time, the one-micron resolution is complemented by the Schrader depressor. All this is important to consider, as the user will also be able to count on the rate calculator as another of the best features of this digital tool.

In this case, professional-quality standards have also been considered for the development of this tool. So, all this provides a much more reliable and secure functionality on several occasions.

Design and mode of use

Using this tool can be a straightforward and convenient thing to do. A key feature that users will be able to appreciate is the combination of alarms and timers.

The alarm function gives the user more flexibility in using this tool. Many professionals or beginners will be able to work more efficiently by getting the data they need.

As if that were not enough, the stopwatch allows it to adapt to the specifications of each user when taking vacuum measurements. One disadvantage is the lack of a large choice of units to choose from.

Structure and durability

Reliable and well-performing materials have been used to manufacture this tool. Every user will be able to notice the backlight that provides easy viewing.

Even the use is more convenient, thanks to the built-in hook at the top. All this has been thought to make vacuum measurement easier in all kinds of places or work areas.


  • Easy to read display
  • Hook for convenience
  • Alarm and timer function


  • Few selectable units 

03. Supco VG64

Highlighted Features & Details

Not only professionals need an excellent vacuum gauge. That is why some tools can be flexible for the use of users of all types.

Among the most convenient options, some people have considered this option the best micron vacuum gauge. 

Great functionality

First of all, it is necessary to consider that this vacuum gauge can provide ultra-fine resolution. This means a measurement between 0.5 to 1000 microns.

On the other hand, sizes from 0 to 12000 microns can be obtained in the vacuum range. Each of these measurements excellently outperforms other tools of these times.

So, when it comes to a laboratory test with a high level of accuracy or any evacuation of a system, this tool is essential and excellent.

Additionally, we can consider that seven selectable international units have been incorporated. Among those included, we can mention psi, pascal, and microns.

The lifespan of the Structure

To calculate the lifespan, we must consider each of the materials incorporated in its manufacture. In short, this is a highly reliable and safe tool that provides 600 hours of continuous operation.

This simply requires a 9V battery, which is not included. However, this tool also incorporates a low battery indicator.

Tool design

Anyone will notice the ease of use thanks to the hanging device for more excellent maneuverability. When the alarm is disabled or after the alarm is activated, the 8-hour auto shut-off provides superb usability.

There is also a backlit LCD digital display that is easy to read in any room. There are even built-in programmable visual and audible alarms for too high or too low a vacuum. All this makes it a very flexible instrument.


  • Backlit LCD digital display
  • Seven selectable international units
  • Optimal vacuum range


  • Intermediate durability structure 

04. Fieldpiece SMAN360

Highlighted Features & Details

Among the most convenient and comprehensive options is this option. Beyond the budget, many people consider it to be the best digital micron gauge.

In order to do so, it is indispensable to emphasize each of the features incorporated in this tool.

High-level results

In this case, you can notice a tool that provides a measurement range that starts at 50, and you can go up to 9999. Simultaneously, this instrument provides an adjustment of the pressure sensors.

For this, you can take into consideration the type of refrigerant, pressure, and temperature. Each professional working with this tool can set the alarm at a certain level of microns.

Thus, the person can find out the precise moment when the vacuum reaches a certain level. All this has the facility to provide each user with a much more efficient result and less time.

Tool design

As we have mentioned, the user will count on a frequency indicator, a stopwatch, and an alarm. In this case, a display with excellent illumination has been incorporated to provide adequate visibility in all kinds of dark spaces.

Here, the user will not need to choose the different measurements as they are all included in the same display.

Additional features

Using a mini USB connection, each person can have 45 refrigerants with easy-to-read updates. Simultaneous superheat, and subcooling function is also incorporated, as well as automatic target superheat function.

It is still available in a tool that is essential for implementing complete maintenance to any refrigeration unit. All this allows it to be a highly reliable and convenient tool.


  • View of all units
  • A tool with a timer and alarm
  • Three ports with micron indicator


  • Mostly useful for professionals 

05. Testo 552

Highlighted Features & Details

To find the best digital micron vacuum gauge, we must also analyze this option because it is one of the most reliable. This tool allows the dynamic evaluation of heat pumps or various refrigeration systems.

Pirani sensors have been incorporated in this task, which is optimized and provides a better result than other tools today.

High-level functionality

A large number of highly accurate and efficient functions have been incorporated into this tool. This means that this is a digital vacuum gauge that can be adapted to many uses.

Every functionality provided by this tool is straightforward. So this means that it can be a convenient tool for professionals and beginners.

As if that were not enough, all kinds of single-digit resolutions can be operated along with highly complete and accurate vacuum measurements.

Each of the calculations performed by this tool is carried out in real-time. Each user will receive notifications according to the objective of their evaluation, considering temperature and micron levels.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth functionality has been incorporated in this tool, which is not very common among other options in the market.

Every user using Bluetooth connectivity will be able to do so with tablets or smartphones. Even this tool can send all kinds of complete and accurate reports to different emails. Better management of information and analysis will be available.

Easy to use tool

By noticing the design of this tool, we can determine that this is one of the most user-friendly tools. A large screen with excellent illumination has been incorporated here.

So that measurements can be performed in all kinds of dark places. Even an excellent accuracy rate has been incorporated along with materials of exceptional quality and durability.

All this provides a much longer lifespan. All this means that it could be the best micron vacuum gauge.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large, illuminated display
  • Efficient real-time measurements 


  • A limited number of selectable units 

06. Uniweld UVG

Highlighted Features & Details

This digital vacuum gauge and adapter deliver on many features to find the best micron gauge HVAC. It is a digital vacuum gauge that is very easy and quick to use in various situations.

Even this simple tool can be of great use thanks to its 5% measurement accuracy.

Excellent quality results

Every user will be able to obtain highly efficient and fast measurements in a short time. A set of handy selectable units such as mmHg, millibars, pascals, and microns have been incorporated.

Furthermore, this tool also provides a self-calibration function. So this means that every user will not need additional equipment to have this function.

Anyone will also notice that an oil sensor is incorporated to avoid all kinds of false readings. Likewise, the user will know the exact time at which this sensor needs to be cleaned. Here it will simply show “Oil” on display.

Simple and user-friendly design

In this case, this is a tool that has one of the most straightforward designs. Each person will be able to notice a small display that incorporates up to 5 digits and the different types of units available.

At the same time, it is an adequately illuminated display that is accompanied by only two buttons. Therefore, it can be a great tool for beginners.

Compact and versatile unit

Two AAA batteries have been incorporated in this case. Anyway, this can only provide 100 hours of usage, which may be less than other tools.

Nevertheless, it is also a tool with a vacuum sensor to withstand up to 500 psi. Here is a compact and versatile tool that can be transported very easily to wherever it is needed.


  • Wide micron range
  • Quick and straightforward to use design
  • Built-in oil sensor


  • Only 100 hours of use per two batteries 


Highlighted Features & Details

As we continue our search for the best micron gauge HVAC, this tool has excellent aspects and features. In this case, it is a tool that does not require a large budget to provide high precision measurements.

At the same time, the simple design allows all types of users to obtain full use without too much experience.

Results in a few steps

One of the most remarkable aspects of this digital vacuum gauge is in the selectable vacuum units. In this case, the most commonly used international units such as pascal, torr, millibars, and microns have been incorporated.

As if that were not enough, other secondary functions have also been included to complement the entire experience of each user.

Specifically, these are the timeout and auto shutdown functions. In particular, these functions can provide a completely personalized use that saves energy at the same time.

Each user will count on visual and audible signals when the tool has reached the required vacuum level.

Excellent visibility

Another remarkable aspect of this tool is the different type of display that has been incorporated. Specifically, it is a screen with an e-paper design and construction.

This is a type of screen that is usually included in electronic tools intended to provide easy visibility. Even when the user is under the sun, the reading will still be clean and straightforward.

Sturdy Structure

Beyond each of the features considered, this is a highly resistant tool. So this tool can provide an excellent lifespan.

Even the vacuum sensor withstands up to 450 psi for quick and easy cleaning. Each of these features is complemented by a very intuitive and simple design thanks to its four buttons.


  • Energy saving
  • Electronic paper display
  • Simple and easy to use design


  • Vacuum sensor intermediate resistance 

08. Measurement 2-1/2″ dial

Highlighted Features & Details

Another option that can be perfect in different situations is this vacuum gauge. Many experiences from various users have indicated that it could be the best micron vacuum gauge.

For this, it is necessary to note each of its features, such as its efficiency and durability. In this way, a proper set of measurements can be obtained.

Optimum results

One of the most noticeable aspects of this tool is that it can provide all kinds of measurements with four digits on its display.

At the same time, a good result is obtained with a 150% overload and 1% accuracy rate. It is not an option only for professionals, but beginners will count on an operation manual.

Also, it must provide an excellent working temperature range. This means that correct functionality can be obtained between minus 4 degrees and up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The same applies to the ambient temperature, with a peak of 60° C and a low of -20° C. 

Simple design

As is usually the case with the best options, this tool has a straightforward design. In particular, it is a tool with a circular design that only incorporates buttons.

One of them will allow you to choose between the different units quickly and easily. Even this screen offers a battery indicator, among other helpful information.

Resistant Structure

Excellent durability and resistance are essential in every part of this tool. We can notice this due to the connection that has been manufactured with 304 stainless steel.

Likewise, an astonishing amount of operating hours can be obtained with two 1.5V AAA batteries. All this will be more than enough for a lot of beginner or professional tasks.


  • Heavy-duty Structure
  • LED light display
  • Quick and easy to use design


  • Only four units of measurement available 

09. TPI 605

Highlighted Features & Details

To find the best digital micron gauge that is reliable, this option has been very positively valued. In this case, it is a tool with an excellent accuracy rate among other optimal features.

So it could be a suitable tool since you do not require too high a budget to acquire this implement.

Accurate functionality

Any user will have the possibility to measure the vacuum between 25 to 0 microns. Even this quality is complemented by each of the seven built-in international units of measurement.

Built-in units include Torr, mTorr, mBar, Pascals, microns, psi, and InHg. So this represents a high level of versatility in every operation and application.

It is also possible to obtain a near real-time result thanks to updates every 0.5 seconds. As if that were not enough, the automatic shutdown saves battery power at precise times.

In particular, this function is available 10 minutes after the vacuum exceeds 12000 microns or 12 Torr. So it is a tool designed for various situations.

Optimal durability

In particular, this tool can meet RoHS quality standards. You can even achieve an operating temperature in the range of 32° F to 104° F.

This means that this is a tool that can withstand all kinds of heavy use, providing excellent results over a long lifespan. 

User-friendly design

Another remarkable aspect of this tool is that it provides full functionality combined with a simple design. One can notice a display that offers an incredible number of digits and only three built-in buttons.

At the same time, the standard male connection is fabricated from top-class components. Even the sensor is cleanable and withstands up to 500 psi. Lastly, the built-in hook for hanging this tool anywhere should be noted.


  • High-precision operation
  • Built-in hook for hanging
  • Updates every 0.5 seconds


  • Somewhat small display 

10. Yellow Jacket 69080

Highlighted Features & Details

Finally, this LCD digital vacuum gauge is another popular choice these days when it comes to finding the best micron gauge.

In this case, it is a tool that can provide an excellent range of functionality. Every single function that professionals or beginners need has been incorporated here.

Excellent results

One of the most outstanding features of this tool is that it incorporates 14 levels in its bar chart. Here is included from the atmosphere to the required 25 microns.

In particular, this is suitable to be able to know the moment when a vacuum pump is working correctly. Of course, it is also a feature that allows detecting the complete cleanliness of a system.

The most important thing about it is that this is a straightforward tool to use on all types of refrigeration units or heat pumps. In this case, you do not need a great deal of experience to use this digital vacuum meter and get a good result.

Easy and fast design

We can notice that the built-in digital display only provides the view of the 14-level bar graph. At the same time, the user will rely on only one on/off button.

Undoubtedly, this provides one of the most straightforward uses for novice users.

Other important features such as automatic battery-saving have also been incorporated. When there are no reading changes on the tool for 20 minutes, the LCD digital vacuum gauge automatically shuts off.

Lifespan and durability

Every user will have the possibility to implement easy and fast cleaning on the sensor of this tool. For this purpose, the positive pressure resistance of up to 450 psi has been incorporated.

In addition, every part of this tool has a long lifespan. There is even a built-in hanging hook and a 9V alkaline battery. Every user will be able to start using this tool quickly.


  • Easy to use design
  • Automatic battery saving function 
  • Calibration-free tool


  • Mostly basic functionality 

FAQs about Best Micron Gauge

What is a micron gauge?

A micron meter is a tool used for the maintenance of refrigeration units or heat pumps. In particular, this tool can measure the amount of air or the amount of “non-condensable” along with the humidity in a given system. 

For that purpose, this tool is incorporated between the center port of your manifold assembly and the vacuum pump. In this case, the vacuum will be much more profound as the micron reading gets lower.

What is a good micron reading?

To obtain a good micron reading, it is necessary to connect the tool directly to the vacuum pump. This usually requires a specific ¼ inch connection.

Once this connection has been made, the vacuum pump should reach a reading of 100 microns. So a good micron reading should be found on a high-quality pump that delivers 50 microns or less.

Is 1000 microns a good vacuum?

On most occasions, when using a high-quality vacuum pump, it is possible to remove almost all moisture from a system. This also means removing 99.99% of the air when the whole procedure is done correctly.

In any case, 1000 microns must be reached for significant dehydration. So a system that gives a result below 1000 microns is not accurate and perfect evidence of cleanliness.

What gauge is used to measure microns?

An electronic vacuum gauge is one of the most popular tools for measuring vacuum at levels below 1000 microns. Here, the instrument can provide vacuum results in inches.

Different gauges have different types of accuracies, including ± 1%. With this accuracy, ±7600 microns can be obtained. Expressly, this is accepted by getting a full vacuum calibration. 

Do you need a micron gauge?

Many professionals or beginners should have a vacuum gauge. Sometimes it is necessary to know when the micron reading increases from as little as 100 microns in a given system. 

A gauge analog is not very useful for this purpose. A micrometer is usually one practical and flexible option.

How many microns do I need for a good vacuum?

In general, it is essential to consider some aspects when an acceptable level of permanent vacuum is desired. A finish vacuum of 500 microns supplemented by a decay below 1000 microns is deemed okay.

Specifically, these are R22 mineral oil-containing systems. In these cases, such methods are often associated with an open design for service or new installation.

What is an acceptable Micron rise?

To have a good rise, the vacuum pump must operate to a certain point. Specifically, the system should be considered to be below 200 microns. The evaluation is usually complete when the result does not exceed 500 microns.

However, evacuation must continue, and for this, the core tools are usually needed again. Specifically, this occurs when the pressure increases above 500 microns. 

How do you read a micron?

To read a micron or a micron in thousandths, a specific calculation must be performed. In particular, it is required to increase the amount of visible vertical divisions by a multiplication of the number of vertical divisions. This is usually found in the 0.025-inch sleeve.

In turn, the number of thousandths shown by the thimble line must be added. The line that best matches the extended centerline of the sleeve should always be considered. Everything is necessary to know how to read an outside micrometer.

When it comes to reading a micron simply, it should be understood that it is a unit of measurement in the metric system.

What is a micron gauge used for?

In general, this tool is used to measure the amount of moisture in a system and the amount of air. For this purpose, the micron measurement unit is generally applied.

Where do you put a micron gauge?

A micron gauge should be placed between a vacuum pump and a central part of a manifold assembly. In this way, a specific micron reading can be obtained to know the amount of vacuum.

Final Words

A large number of cooling unit systems or heat pumps are used in homes or at different sites. With this in mind, it is useful to have a set of tools for effective maintenance.

That is why it is essential to have the best micron gauge for obtaining a reliable and quality result.

Even in many cases, it is not necessary to be an expert to operate this kind of tool. In a large number of cases, it is just a matter of getting a specific reading. Once this is achieved, the user will have avoided future damage due to the internal fouling of a given system.

In such a way, this type of tool can be considered to decrease the budget needed to maintain different systems. This could even be the most crucial reason to acquire this tool as soon as possible.

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